Daily Motivation – Week 19

Day 127

The Polarity Of Life.


I love the fact that the last two days of my blogs to you have been in total contrast to each other, and what I witness on a daily basis in the QS forum is just that; some struggling and others strong. The strong ones in that moment mentally and verbally holding those that need it UP, with the vulnerability and trust amongst the group breathtaking. And then magic happens again for someone has a ‘blip’ and suddenly those that have been supported in the past become the supporters, and the polarity shifts. Most have been on both sides of the axis, and it has become commonplace to jump over to the ‘other’ side.

Some people got in touch to say they were surprised at my chip blog; that they thought I was ‘beyond’ that, while others could see how our behaviour plays out in more and more subtle ways. Each layer coming up for investigation is saying that you are ready for the next wave of healing, so in fact it can be seen as the exact opposite to how you think it is:



I seem to see things sometimes in the opposite way to the mainstream.
For example many would view those battling an addiction as weak.
I say those that are in a programme and doing something about it are STRONG, and it is those that are not actively making changes, or even realising that they could change, that are weak.

I see someone who has to have a drink to ‘enjoy’ an occasion as weak, not the person who leaves the party a little earlier than the rest to get home and have a cup of tea; jumping in to bed sober.
And I don’t find leaving an event early boring;
Boring is having the same conversation over and over again and not remembering it.
Boring is waking up with a hangover and losing the following day.
Boring is saying NO to life and continuing on the merry-go-round.
Boring is being a slave to a substance, even if you don’t fully realise it. 

And the above sentence for me is what it’s all about:


But the people who find QS do.
There is something in their hearts that KNOWS there is more, that life could be sweeter. Like a distant memory that the soul remembers, maybe from a past life. These people then wade through quicksand to come back to their centre; they KNOW they are coming home.

So for anyone that has a deep yearning in their hearts to realise their potential and live the life they are SUPPOSED to, QS is for you and you’re in the right place. In these new energies things are not as they appear to be; I want to work with those that are brave and willing to look at their demons, just as I am still doing (now with chips!). I don’t see you as weak, oh no, I see you as a brave soul warrior asking the most important questions in life;

Who am I?
Why am I here?
How can I become a better person?
How can I then pay it forward and serve others?

So welcome to this soul family
To the journey into the depths of your being
Returning home to who you really are underneath the conditioning of the society you live in, and all that you have been taught.
I feel that QS is a spiritual family, one that you consciously CHOOSE as you heal the wounds in your life. We understand you because we’ve been there ourselves, so who would we be to judge you?

And do you know what? The lower you’ve experienced life, the higher the potential for you is. That depth that you’ve seen gives you momentum to push up to the dizzy heights of inner freedom, and not everyone has that opportunity. Those stuck in a life of mediocrity never reach the bottom, but also never reach the sky; they stay average forever. And because you are reading this YOU have the potential of realising your upper polarity, rather than staying stuck below in the despair of addiction.

Thankfully I’ve bounced back up and got the cheap chip fat out of my system and am grateful for the new learning and even greater understanding about myself, and today at the Quantum Superpowers One-Day Workshop we’ll be exploring the polarity concept even further; see some of you later!

Day 128

The Next Stage Of Human Evolution.


What I’ve been talking about these past couple of days really is the birth of the next stage of human evolution, and yesterday it hit me that we are actually already here. It’s happening and WE are all part of it.
There is a mass waking up 
Many are beginning to find their truth, and live from their hearts rather than their eyes and it is US that become midwives for the next wave of freedom fighters as they stumble along this new path.

Today we come out of mercury retrograde, that which has been holding us back like a catapult but is now ready to launch us forwards straight into the new energies of 2017 and the new nine year cycle. I have been feeling “is this it?”all week as things haven’t been quite as flowy as I thought they were going to be, so investigated into the planets a bit and realised that it has been mercury that has pushed me ‘off’ a bit.

Off to me feels like walking in quicksand; a load of effort and not getting anywhere. But as of this morning the planets are all aligned and it’s almost like TODAY is the new year as the energies have now fully shifted. From today ALL planet are moving ‘forwards’ (very rare) for one month meaning that we have just entered a month of opportunity and natural order; new projects should be launched in the next few weeks and there will be a feeling of effortlessness.

Yesterday I was talking to the Quantum Superpowers workshop group about not watching the news or reading newspapers, and how my Facebook feed is massively positive and that I have chosen it to be this way. I hear so many say that they are coming off Facebook because of the stress and negativity of it, or that they feel so helpless when they watch the news. My experience of it is very different as I’ve set up only positivity to come to me, and even though I have 2390 friends ALL of the content that I receive is uplifting and helpfully supports my own evolution.

Is Facebook killing you?

And if it is do something about it because this medium has massive potential for you but you have to manage it right. If something negative pops up then I unfriend or unfollow (do you know the difference?). Empower yourself and realise just how much control you have over your own life.

I walked into our living room to where Dom was watching the news the other day and sat down and watched 20 minutes of it. I have to say I was shocked for the whole of that time was taken up with one story involving perhaps four people, and I thought about how powerfully uplifted I could become from 20 minutes on the social media that I CHOOSE to come into my life. Then I thought about the impact that 20 minutes in ones life could have, and the difference of my life compared to those that get sucked into the media tragedies on TV, in newspapers, and the celebrity drama unfolding in glossy magazines.

I actually felt really sad.
Because so many millions of people are being cheated out of positive stories.
We are brainwashed by negativity, and not given the tools at school or in the general community to empower ourselves. You have to ‘think outside the box’ and come to somewhere like Inner Guidance or sign up to this blog to receive PERMISSION to think differently.

But the time has come and we have arrived at this junction.
Turn off the news and find out about all of the amazing events and people that are happening on our planet.
Fill yourself with joy
Nourish your soul with connection
Only accept into your life that which LIFTS you.
And only YOU can do this in your life, and a really great place to start is by taking control of your Facebook feed. Let me know how you get on…

Day 129

Taking A Deeper Look.


What seems to be happening to me at the moment for sure is that I am beginning to take a deeper look at my patterns and habits that have been playing out over decades. What’s going on is that a light is now shining on every corner of my life, meaning that what once wasn’t important or could be ignored now can’t be.

It begins with the most gross behaviour that is out of alignment with your truth like drinking, drugging or binge eating. Then it gets more subtle like caffeine intake, pharmaceutical consumption and how we speak to others, becoming even further dissecting as more and more comes to light.

Last week I told you about my fish and chip saga
Today I’d like to share about my seeming personality transplant when I get in the drivers seat of a car or on a train….

And it’s old behaviour which I can trace back to 1988 when at 16 years old I began to work full time in Oxford Street, getting the Central Line in from Essex.

I was always in a rush
I always knew which carriage I needed to be in so that the stairs where right outside the opening doors.
I was always the first one up the stairs and walking up the escalators so that I was not caught in the crowds.
On arrival at street level I walked quickly, getting annoyed at tourists if they stopped to look at their maps in front of me.

It was like my life depended on getting to wherever I was going as quickly as I could. Back then in the 80’s I could understand it as I was a different person then, but now?

Yes still now.
Last week when I got the train into London to see my sister and niece (which I do at least twice a month) I caught myself doing the exact same thing.
I was shocked.

And I thought to myself,
“This is not who I am anymore, why am I doing this?”
Pure and simple
It’s something that I’ve done for nearly 30 years and is behaviour so ingrained into my psyche that it is totally natural, but unnecessary and incongruent with who I am now.

So as I sat on the train as it pulled into Liverpool Street and all the people began to get their coats on and walk towards the front of the train so that they could get off first, I made myself sit there motionless.
I am not in a rush
There is no office manager waiting for my arrival
I’m not late
I’m a relaxed person now

So I just sat there and observed
The people scurrying around, and also my own inner desire to RUSH
I allowed it to surface, just like I have done over the years with the triggers to drink, drug and eat the wrong foods.


I made myself sit there until I was one of the last ones off the train.
And boy was it difficult!
I watched as my hands clenched and I began to get stressed.
This was such an interesting teaching!

Once off the train I walked towards the tube and examined my thoughts as the circle line train pulled in, and then again when I got on the bus; and it was all the same.

Interesting how this has all come to light now.
And it is welcome.
I want to continue my own evolution and have the intention to grow into the best possible person I can be. So I will continue to use my London visits as a training ground to do this, along with other areas that are also showing themselves to me at this time; like turning into a shouty impatient person when driving, for that honestly isn’t who I really am!

And I can see back to when I drank, and how I changed from a naturally calm empath that I am to an angry monster. I can see how similar this train/car behaviour is on a more subtle level.

As so the journey within continues
Looking deeper within
Becoming the best version of myself that is possible…


Day 130

The Two Habits That Help Get The Demons Out.


I must sound like a broken record to my community sometimes as I am always banging on about two things that will really help in their recovery:

  1. Daily Meditation
  2. Journalling Their Journey

The two, in my opinion and experience, are vital to be able to fully recognise what is going on for you personally for we are all having a unique experience.

I am currently editing my first book which I wrote in 2011 and is going to be rereleased at the end of this month. Back then it turned into a cathartic exercise for me and allowed me to release the past so that I could fully move on, even though it was incredibly painful to write and relive. In it I have quoted some of my journal from over 15 years ago and quite frankly I was shocked when I looked back on those painful years of sadness and loneliness.

But because I did go back and face my demons I had the opportunity in 2011 to release them, and since then my life has blossomed in the most magnificent way. So because it has been so helpful to me journalling has become a hugely healing tool to get the pain and suffering OUT of you and onto the page.

The following two journal examples are actual entries in 2002 and 2011 respectively. The first in 2002 was when I was addicted to the party lifestyle and also a toxic relationship and both of these excerpts can be found in my first book (link coming soon when it is relaunched)….

Diary entry 2002:
“Right now I am feeling like Jekyll and Hyde. I am sliced down the middle. My heart is speaking to me but my head is saying the opposite!
Which way do I go?
Do I accept his behaviour, or do I lose everything for a dream that may not exist?
I love him with my whole heart, and he loves me with his whole heart (in his own way) and I’m not satisfied with that, it’s not enough!
How ridiculous, who do I think I am?
Am I being selfish and unrealistic?
Or am I just being true to myself?
I do believe you can have anything in life if you just make it happen. So along these lines I’m not being unrealistic and I should leave Bobby and find someone who understands me, loves me, adores me, AND SHOWS IT!
But Bobby does sometimes understand me, love me and adore me (I think) he just doesn’t know how to show it or express it.
Who am I kidding!
Am I really going to accept second best because I’m hurting so bad?

Diary entry November 2011:
“Something has clicked in my head. I’ve been here before so many times with my other addictions, which I have successfully overcome, that it seems very obvious that I can now apply the same effort, rules and resolve that I have used many times before.

When I stopped smoking it took some time to move past the urge to smoke, and I trained myself into new habits. I drink habitually so the first few times I’m in those situations are going to be strange, different and maybe even hard, but I am going to overcome them and make new habits. Even if it’s hard tonight when we’re out and I’m the only one not drinking. But that will become my new habit. And being sober will become my new habit. Watch this space!”

Journalling has been a huge part of my life for decades and the very act of removing the problem from me and into some sort of order on the page, massively helpful. For in my head it can sometimes seem like I’m going mad (first example) but once out it seems very obvious.

The second stage to this is to meditate in the empty space that you have created via the release from journalling.

What is left?
What have you opened up?
How are you feeling now?

And it is in this raw space that the answers lie to the questions you have. For you know it all already, nothing is missing, none of it wrong; it’s all been an elaborate scene to get you to this point. You could call it magic in fact….

Day 131

It’s A Self-Care Day.


I’ve not had an input morning for weeks and today is the day.
I woke up later
I’m writing this in bed
They’ll be no meditation livestream
…as I’ll be meditating in bed this morning.

We all need to take care of ourselves, for three main reasons:

  • No one else can do it for you
  • You show others how they can support you
  • You give the green light for those around you to also look after themselves 
So that’s what I am doing this morning
No output
Just a message to LOOK AFTER YOURSELF
Do what feels good today
Take a bath, go for a walk, meditate in bed, eat wholesome food, have a duvet day, do whatever makes you feel good inside.
LISTEN to your inner voice
& have a great day.


Day 132

Enter The Portal.


Wow! I had the most unbelievable response from yesterdays blog!
Lots of people told me that they were so relieved to hear that I was having the morning off and meditating in bed. It seemed that so many of you needed PERMISSION to slow down and stop creating unrealistic pressure to get up early and get into your routine.

Not a drag
And if it drains you and you dread it, then you have not got it right; perhaps you’re getting up too early? Or going to bed too late? When you’re struggling with it that means something is out of alignment and it’s time to go back to the drawing board. What is right for you?


What happened to me yesterday after my morning off and today is that I am RARING to go!
And that is because I took some time to myself yesterday.
It’s like the drawing back of the tide before it moves forwards again; ever listening to the internal flow, and this flow forwards always happens when I allow the resting back. Can you see how important it is to follow YOUR inner flow / inner voice instead of doing what you’re supposed to do?

And I can now see also that I was being guided by planetary energy too, for yesterday was the 11th and the two ones stand like the two sides of a archway and we stepped into a portal, taking us to todays full moon at 11:33am (UK time).
This full moon illuminated my night by a feeling of burning from the inside out, like a spiritual fever burning away the karmic seeds. I feel totally fine today even though it feels like I’ve not slept. This full moon is all about our emotions, and we may feel over emotional in the coming days and weeks and this will be when our strong meditation practice comes into play:

that may be unfolding in front of you
and get on your cushion
Let it all play out as it needs to but take a spiritual step backwards and watch with knowing eyes; you know this is happening to clear the way for your evolution, for you to understand yourself on a deeper level.

Things are coming to a head and projects are having positive breakthroughs, just make sure you don’t let your emotions get in the way and hold your ground. Can you see how our meditation keeps us in alignment as challenges approach; just like the triggers as they try and trick us into being who we are no longer.

Be strong in your life intentions
And these new energies will not be able to knock you over, instead you will be able to grab the opportunities with both balanced hands and manifest your dreams in an instant. Hold on tight…


Day 133

The problem with the detox/retox and the solution.


Today’s blog is in video format and a livestream I did yesterday talking about my experience with detox / retox and how it’s exactly the same as yoyo-dieting: it doesn’t work long term. And here I offer my solution….

To watch the video click the picture or here


Member Quote’s Of The Week.


In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

My aunt died a few days ago. Fat tears plopped into the washing up water today, as I cried for her, my uncle and for me. But I felt it. I felt all of it. I didn’t stuff it back with anything. And it was so hard and so necessary to feel it all. Sit with your pain, befriend it and it will show you the way out.
E, Online Programme
I have been lucky enough in the 9 months I’ve been with QS to remain AF and free from cravings. But my blips are disconnecting from meditation which is as damaging for me, because the mind goes manic and thinks it’s in control.
So now I have a new mantra: “I surrender, through grace, to higher love” 

D, Residential Retreat and Online Programme
It was my first sober holiday (2 weeks) for as long as i can remember and i have to say wasnt a struggle apart from New Years Eve. But we stayed in and had a picnic in our room with lovely food and smoothies!
N, Residential Retreat and Online Programme
I’m still shedding the layers and probably will for sometime.
During my Meditation this morning I was able to explore my loneliness, one of my triggers. My companion in my place of loneliness is a bottle of wine…..
…..I needed to get this written down as I don’t have my journal with me.
Thank you all for your loving support. xxx

T, Residential Retreat and Online Programme
(much of this post has been omitted to protect anonymity) 
Every morning I was adamant I wasn’t going to do it and then by afternoon evening I had convinced myself it was OK until I had one and realised shit I don’t want this!!!. Last night whilst brushing my teeth I said to myself tomorrow I will be free of it. Then my mind changed to no hang on I AM free of it and that feeling in your heart when you know it’s right! I had just changed my future by one thought! At long last I get it and I’m actually feeling it!!.
D,  Online Programme
I am treasuring waking up feeling peaceful!
Gone are the mornings of panic, self disgust, vague memories …if any, fear etc and just feeling so low and absolute crap yet sticking on a smiley face and feeling a phoney and so alone.
The contrast now is such a true true blessing and again i am so thankful for this group and Jo.
I really am just treasuring the calm, clarity and peace and am taking this into my heart knowing that it will be there if I encounter any triggers.
Just though I’d share that with you, good morning and much love and magical wishes for the day

S,  Online Programme
Top up retreat was excellent – and exactly that. I arrived feeling a bit stuck (and hence a bit sad) with where I was going next and the ‘little stuff’ like the purpose of life. I left re-energised having been reminded what it was all about. Jo showed us a graphic that really demonstrated to me how far I had come by taking a few leaps of faith 5 months ago and trusting the quantum. What I got mostly from the top up was the knowledge that I now truly believe in it (from my heart now not just intellectually). So guess what? I’m going to stop worrying about it. It will all unfold as it is supposed to. Everything happens for a reason. My job now is to control what I can (e.g. toxic, negative thoughts), trust the quantum and just “be”. The top up to me was about letting go. I’ve purged those remaining controlling demons and I’m going to go with the flow each day (in a sugar free way).
S,  Diamond Package and Online Programme

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