Daily Motivation – Week 11

Day 71

Believe It Into Reality



What are you creating in your mind today, which will manifest in your tomorrow?

What are you believing into reality?
NOW is crucial because it is the seed of your future experience.
You cannot experience something that you don’t believe, so take stock and write down exactly what you are feeling in this moment. Firstly WHY are you believing that your addiction has so much power? WHY are you giving your power away?

The amazing thing is that once we see what we’re doing, and empower ourselves, the urge for the substance subsides and we fall into the realisation that yes we are worth so much more….


Day 72

The Spiritual Significance of November 11 by Forever Conscious



November 11 is a vibrationally powerful day due to the fact that it is the 11th day of the 11 month.  1111 or 11/11 holds special spiritual significance as it is believed to be the number of spiritual awakenings and powerful new beginnings.

When you frequently see 11:11 on the clock or when you are drawn to the number 1111, it often indicates an upcoming change or awakening that is on the horizon for you.

Angels, spirit guides and the Universe also use numbers as a way to connect and communicate with you. 1111 is commonly used by Divine beings to help point you in the right direction and to illuminate the path ahead for you.

In numerology, the number one indicates new beginnings but when there is a series of ones, like on November 11 (11/11) it creates a powerful energy for the day that allows us to all awaken to a new potential.

November 11 is therefore a powerful time to make changes in your life, set intentions or to dig deeper in order to uncover the truth.

New awakenings, new information and new levels of enlightenment are all possible on this day due to this energy.

2016 is a number 9 year, which means that this year November 11 is going to fall under the vibration of number 9. Number 9 is all about endings, which means that November 11 is likely to bring new information to light that will allow one door to close and another to open.

November 11 may also help inspire you to think bigger and to start thinking about what you want this new chapter to look like for you.

Taken from an article shared by the QS community. For the full article click here: http://foreverconscious.com/spiritual-significance-november-11

How To Action The 11:11 Energy.

Visualise where you want to be, like you are creating your future in a bubble out in front of you; this is what you are going to grow INTO. And if you want change then you are going to have to think outside of the box and get into the vibration of WHERE YOU WANT TO BE rather than where you are right now. You’ve got the energetic frequency supporting you today so when you meditate, close your eyes and imagine yourself plugging into it. Breath it in and breath out your stress, your doubt, your fears…..

Then like a cosmic shopping list bring into your consciousness images of where you want to be in life: happy, free, content, successful, loved, supported. 
All of this is available like hanging tickets just waiting for you to claim them.
Why would you not?
Why are you staying in the past, in the dark, stuck?
TODAY IS THE DAY to think slightly differently, to believe something new, to step out into the unknown and demand what is rightfully yours; your dream life.

You deserve it.
You can have it.
It is waiting for you.
No one else can have it.
Why are you holding yourself back?
Playing small.
Pretending that you’re not good enough.
Is today going to be the day that you wake up to yourself?
Wake up to the truth:
That NOW it is time to live a different way

Set an alarm for 11:11 today on 11:11
An alarm to WAKE UP.
See you there…..

Day 73

Thank you addiction. You saved my life.



I Couldn’t Have Done It Without You.

I had a huge shift in consciousness yesterday; one of those moments where something that has been mulling around in your mind suddenly clicks fully into place and you understand fully. Physiologically what just happened was that neurons in my brain that have previously not been joined, just did, and a new neural network was formed. In short my brain changed and I am now thinking differently; I am actually different. And my brain isn’t going to suddenly revert back to where it was, it will now remain forever in it’s new perspective.

Luckily for me when I arrived at my yoga class yesterday and spoke briefly about the 11:11 portal the teacher jumped on the concept and built a meditation at that exact time into the class. I took a concept that I had been working with personally into the meditation as I wanted to transcend a limiting belief about myself that I have been holding.

Did you meditate yesterday at 11:11?
Because it was frigging amazing!

What became very clear to me was how I needed to have my (many) addictions to learn how to value and love myself. Because of the utter disregard I’ve had for myself for so many years during my party days and subsequent drinking binges, I fell into a pattern of believing I was not enough to experience the joys of life.

The past ten years since I moved back from Thailand have been of deep inner discovery, along with the battle, and yesterday I got absolute clarity around how differently I now view myself. And I would never have got to this point of self-value without the self-abuse. One taught me the other and without the intensity of despair that I felt for so many years I could never appreciate sobriety and freedom like I do now, and I would never have had to learn the lesson.

I can now see that I have become a better person because of the addiction and this is why I can thank it and recognise that without it I could never have the insight that I do now. And then to take this train of thought one step further, without my addiction I wouldn’t be writing this and I wouldn’t have an addiction programme that is getting countless others sober too. So you see that none of it was wrong, it was all meant to be exactly as it was, and ultimately I truly did learn the full value of myself.

So today, right now, can you thank yourself and your addiction for teaching you what you needed to learn about yourself? Can you acknowledge that it’s not wrong, it had to be this way, that you are now ready to transcend it, move through it, and let the story go?

Yesterday we all experienced the 11:11 portal, whether that was consciously or unconsciously so we can now walk more easefully into our futures without the burden of the past. There is support, there is a community, there are others who have walked the path already. Please let us guide you towards freedom….

Day 74

Did You Get Triggered Today?



If you did get triggered then it went one of two ways; you reacted from who you used to be and had a drink/line/smoke/binge, or you decided to come into alignment with who you are becoming and are probably feeling pretty smug right now. Which was it?

What you are experiencing in the present moment is what you have manifested from your PAST; a catch-up of what you were FEELING yesterday, AND ALL BASED ON PAST EXPERIENCES AND PERCEPTIONS

And it is this switch of attention that is going to make all of the difference in your future experience of life. So rather than make a decision based upon:

  • What you can see with your eyes right now
  • What you can hear right now
  • What you can smell right now
  • What you can taste right now
  • What you are triggered to drink/eat/snort/smoke right now

Get into the FEELING of what you want to witness in your future. Take your senses there NOW, take your mind there NOW, create and expand create and expand create and expand.

So for today I would like to get you to switch senses; from what you SEE and witness with your eyes (which is a manifestation of the past) to what you WANT TO FEEL. This is the subtle shift we need to make to step over the unseen brick wall that we have built between the life that we have and the one that we desire.

What if I told you that you are SUPPOSED to be happy?
What if I told you that you are SUPPOSED to feel free?
What if I told you that you are SUPPOSED to have all that you dream of?
What if I told you that your natural state is NOT one of struggle?
What if I told you that we’ve got it completely back to front!

And I know that what I am saying is the opposite to what we witness in the news; what the media wants us to believe; and how the majority are currently living, BUT how do you want to live:

In fear or in love?

I have lived in both states and can assure you that the latter is my preference, and you DO have a choice. We are so lucky to have this information to hand and be the forerunners of this knowledge; yes there are many starving and less fortunate people in the world who do not, but that is not a reason for us not to change our lives for the better; understand the process because we’ve done it first; and then share it with the world, which is exactly what I am doing by writing these blogs and delivering my programmes. It is all about sharing the information to those that are ready to hear it and raise the consciousness of the planet.

These are super exciting times we are living in and there is so much change. In fact it sometimes feels like nothing is staying the same at all and we are hurtling along at an alarming rate. Some are being left behind and many feel this change and resist it and wonder why they are feeling huge struggle be it in the form of addiction, relationship breakdowns, illness or a general feeling of discontentment.

I know how to ride with it and believe me it’s only going to get stronger. Did you feel something open up in your life on Friday’s 11:11 portal? And that in conjunction with todays super full moon at 13:52 GMT is going to take us to new dizzy heights. Hold on!

Full Moons bring things that are going on in your life ‘to light’ which is why this can be the most intense time of every month, and because this is a Super Moon and the closest the moon has been since 1948, and until 2034 it is going to be especially noticeable.
Noticeable in the sky with it being 14% bigger than normal and 30% brighter, and prominent in our lives too as it will shed light on our deepest emotions, the direction we are going in and old stories we’ve been playing out for decades.

TODAY is the day to release all that you no longer want in your life and set yourself free from the addictions, behaviours, relationships and beliefs that hold you back. Make the most of this powerful energy that is around us today and consciously release all that no longer serves you and makes you happy. Close your eyes at 1:53 and exhale the past out and let it go, and breath in your dreams.

And my top tip to drive effortlessly down the fast lane of life is to extract yourself from the sense of sight and hop on over to FEELING. Change your frequency to where you want to go rather than where you’ve already been and where you’re at right now. That is the trick, the shift, how to live life in ease and flow rather than despair, struggle and fear.

Day 75

What Are You Stuffing In The Gap?


Nikki is our house manager and resident QS counsellor and shared this video with me recently. She loves the explanation that Mandy Saligari gives of the separation that we often feel and how it is this gap between who we REALLY are and who we express ourselves to the world as, that causes us problems.

This is exactly the method of the QS programme; to bring the two selves back together and become/feel whole again. For then there is no reason to self medicate any longer and true lasting freedom can be realised. I hope you enjoy the short clip!


Click the picture or here to watch the short clip


Day 76

“This Photo Shocked Me”


I’d like to share with you today an inspiring conversation on the Quantum Sobriety private forum that took place over the last few days….

This is Dara’s full post which she shared with the group on Sunday:

This photo shocked me. I have never seen myself looking so alive. And happy.
This is the result of sobriety, loving myself, forgiving myself, and changing from the inside out by meditating, learning to feel my feelings, cope with emotions, learning to choose my thoughts, change behaviour, design my new life, believe it is possible and keep my heart open. Love. Worth the wait

Residential Retreat and Online Programme Member


Then on Monday the following post appeared from an online member in Australia:

The Power Of Community.

It’s undeniable; the power of a community who understand where you’re at, who don’t judge you, and are there 24/7 whenever you need inspiration or a shove to get you into your potential. They all blow me away everyday with their commitment to a better life and the unconditional support shown to each other.


Day 77

Are you consciously or unconsciously creating your life?



No Receiving. Only Creating.

You’ve never received anything that you’ve experienced in life, you have only ever created. No one outside of you has made decisions FOR you; it’s all been you you know. Your beliefs have been energetically projected out, whether you’re conscious of it or not, and the quantum has rearranged your external world to MATCH your beliefs. That’s how it works and there are people in the world who understand that and those that don’t yet, but once you do you can manipulate the system and begin to consciously create your world.

That’s what we’re doing this week on the QS five-day residential retreat. Monday and Tuesday were about looking back and seeing WHY we are here, and learn the process of creation and manifestation; both on a scientific and spiritual level. Today we begin with a forgiveness session; drawing a line in the sand and saying goodbye to the destruction that we’ve been creating in our own lives, and for the rest of the week we begin to build our new amazing future.

We fully take on board the fact that we are constant creators of our reality, there is no one else that can do that for us. Yes we can give our power away and become controlled by others, but that is still a choice we have made somewhere along the line. We must realise this and release these co-dependant relationships so that we can fully empower ourselves and step into our future knowing that every step that we take is a choice.

With our beliefs being projected out consciously with love, knowledge, respect and a deep inner trust that they will be reflected back to us in our outer experience; we evolve ever further into truth, peace, contentment and abundance on every level.

Member Quote’s Of The Week.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:
“Night before last I had a drinking dream- so clear that I really woke up believing I had drank  🙁  Last night I dreamt I was out with old friends, sober, flying kites, dancing around” V, Online Programme, UK


“You are good enough – of course you are …. How come we can see it in others but not in ourselves . Have faith in yourself and know we are all rooting for you – you are never alone here” V, Online Programme, UK


“I have called up a friend I haven’t seen since my drinking days. I have kind of been avoiding this friend as he is someone who only has a couple of glasses at a time, has a collection of really good wines and gives you all the history of them and sips them slowly. So I as a weekend binge drinker from a bottle from the coop used to love feeling like a sophisticated wine drinker with him… He has been crossing my mind often lately and all of a sudden I realised I have been over protecting my sobriety.. I don’t frigging drink anymore…..It’s odd all the brain associations with alcohol. Even when we stop drinking and are well into the maintenance stage of sobriety and living OK with it, it seems there is still a part of the brain that needs to catch up with believing you are OK with sobriety when you have taken the leap a while ago. I wonder if this is the stage that AA people stay at, always holding the belief there is a problem.. This insight has really opened my eyes to the difference between this and the freedom QS offers.. I don’t know if this makes sense to anyone else but I think I have just really grasped that difference and I am looking forward to seeing my friend tomorrow. It’s been a long time, due to a fear that wasn’t real.. Aha moment quantum sobriety style.” J, Online Programme, UK


“I, too, had an amazing meditation at 11am yesterday. Funnily enough, the feelings that I was left with was pure love and gratitude for my addiction too. Without the drugs & booze I’d never have gotten here. Right here, right now. I cannot go back to drinking now. Not that life, ever. There have been so many self discoveries that i thank QS for immensely. For giving me the tools to develop and grow. Spiritually, i feel so excited & strong about all the potentially potentials that await me. I would NEVER have had this type of awareness before if i was still pouring wine n gin into the face. My non negotiables are meditating & journalling first thing. I have created a beautiful sacred space in my house. I light candles & incense. Sit in the moment, enjoy hearing the birds, seeing the sun rise, wondering what the day will bring. Then i meditate. Immediately after i journal in my daily greatness journal (get one!) I still have issues to work through but i come from a position of acceptance & love for myself now. Nothing is scary & there is no fear. Lots of love to you all xxx” K, Online Programme, UK


Tuesday: “Can’t help feeling ashamed and quite pathetic”
Wednesday: “Yay – I did it ! I had a sober night last night”

V, Online Programme, UK


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