Daily Motivation – Week 10

Day 64

The Next Level Awareness



Many of you already know that I go into retreat twice a year, to reflect, to create, to write, and go deeper into my practice.

If I talk about and advise you to take yourself out of your ‘normal’ environment so that you can gain some perspective to take back home, then you can bet that I am doing the same and only advising this course of action because I know it works.

Everything that I teach comes from a place of having already tried it myself.
I would never recommend something without first knowing that it’s beneficial.
And boy are retreats beneficial!

Tomorrow I get the first flight to Glasgow and then travel on:
2 buses
1 train
2 ferries
to get to my destination, which is pure heaven on earth.
It is my place to write
Where I feel totally connected to the earth
Where there are no roads or cars
Just nature

And I will spend ten days meditating, walking and writing.
I will finish my new book ‘Quantum Sobriety’
And update my first one ‘If You Could Do Anything…What Would It Be?’
I will record new meditations
And plan 2017 and my next moves
I always get clarity FIRST


So this retreat is my opportunity to get clear on where I’m going over the next six months. Surrounded with natural and unspoilt scenery, on a small island with a bunch of Buddhists.
I can’t wait to get there
I’m ready
The words are bubbling up inside me already
Waiting to spill onto the page
And I know that these words are what the world needs to hear right now; because I have found freedom, and that means there is no reason why you can’t too….

….and I will see you on the other side of ten days.
When I have emptied myself of my truth and gotten it all down in writing; ‘bottled it up’ so that it can be shared, I will immediately become full again because I KNOW how to do this. And ultimately it will be this message and knowledge that I will be writing about; how to tap into the unlimited abundance that is all around us, in our:
health etc…

I’ll still be getting up at 5:30am to write, meditate, then exercise.
My commitment to myself and the world remains the same; just swapping my Suffolk retreat centre for a Scottish one.


Day 65

Jo Is Back With Lots Of News…


A Message From Scotland


Day 66

Unlock Yourself For Next Level Living


Unlock Yourself


Having got back late last night I am itching to share all that I’ve discovered; it has truly been an epic 10 day retreat. I went to complete the Quantum Sobriety book, which has been done, but also have had some personal shifts so deep that they’ve even shocked me! And I will be sharing all of this over the coming days, weeks and months…..

I had a very unusual time in retreat this time, I did things differently and surprise surprise (not) I got different results.

The first time I went to Holy Isle was 10 years to the day that I arrived this time, and I have spent much time there also in between. It is a special place for me, one where I can connect in an even deeper way. Maybe it’s the fact that the island has no roads; only the other people on retreat; all there to look inward and find the answers that lie within. There are wild ponies, sheep and goats that we are asked not to touch or feed and it is this sense of wild remoteness that feeds and opens me to the truth of consciousness.

If you are reading this then YOU are ready. Your soul / essence has sent a message to your brain that it is time to move on to the next level of its journey; look around you, there are so many who haven’t had this calling, who are happy in their mediocrity and who will continue on ‘having just one drink with dinner’. Please do not hanker after this because you have moved on from this lesson; you are ready for what is next, you have been chosen to do so; that is WHY you are having this struggle with yourself. And that is why those other people who will continue to ‘have just one drink with dinner’ have not!

Today is the QS one day workshop and eight individuals have made the commitment to be here; to put themselves first; to realise that the life that they dream of is in their hands. I can’t wait to share with them the insights from my personal retreat and unlock their own answers that are literally waiting behind a currently closed door. It can be as easy as a one day workshop, with the information that they receive today being all they require to go to the next level of happiness and freedom. And I can’t wait to share all I’ve got with them…


Day 67

It’s Not About The Substance.


Quantum Moment


This is a defining moment, one where the ‘old’ self can be released and the new emerges and please do not beat yourself up around this; for you needed the old self experience to move into who you were always meant to become. You cannot evolve without first going through what you are feeling now; this is an incubation stage, can you see that? Can you see that it is not wrong?
The old world asks, 

‘What is QS’s success rate?” 
and my answer would be,
“100% for those that it resonates with”.
But success doesn’t look how you think it’s going to, for some come on the five day residential retreat and then drink again.


The old world would say,


But it’s much more complex than that for sometimes these individual haven’t yet truly learnt what they needed from the substance, and need to go back one or three times more to fully comprehend the lesson, thus meaning that full freedom is much more possible.
And I ask you the following question; which would you rather be? A or B?

Answer A:  you are sober but still really struggling and still having the urge to drink/smoke/binge eat, and you feel deprived.
Answer B:  you are sober and don’t even think about the substance anymore, all urges have gone and you don’t mind being around people who are still drinking/smoking/eating crap BECAUSE YOU HAVE MOVED BEYOND IT COMPLETELY.

This is the QS offering, answer B, with the old world only offering A. We are in a different age now and the rules have CHANGED. ‘Success’ looks a little different perhaps in the beginning, but the potential is quite different = total and utter FREEDOM.

We talk about ‘Quantum Moments’, which is when this approach clicks and the new information has created a significant shift in consciousness.


You have been changed forever because your brain just changed, and sometimes it takes a while for this new information to seep out from your core and into your new world. I watch as members get upset and angry with themselves for taking another drink/line/sugar binge and I want to say that we are in the new world; it is not wrong; you didn’t fail, instead you needed to go back one more time and learn something new (I’ll expand on this in tomorrows blog).

The good news though is that the more struggle you feel now the more this means that the old self isn’t in alignment with who you are right now; you are changing, and this is a good thing! 


Day 68

Cravings Are NOT A Problem


What if I told you that these feelings of craving are not problems that are getting in the way of your happiness, in actual fact they are part of your training and their purpose is to teach you to be kind and honour yourself over and over again. Can you see the beauty in this? Do you get it? Us addicts are being given the most amazing gift:

We fully learn the lesson of how to truly love ourselves

And just like in meditation we learn to let go of thoughts like clouds passing through the sky, and we take that ability into our daily lives, the next step is to learn what else the addiction is teaching us about ourselves. We then realise that it was meant to be like this; we are supposed to be feeling like this, and guess what? The second that we bring that awareness in and we fully acknowledge what is going on, then the desire to drink/eat/smoke/binge drops.

Everything is changing and your struggle means an alliance with these strong new energies that are all around us. YOU are being asked to be one of the forerunners and it will be your job to assist others later on. Everything happens for a reason and this reason is that you understand the process so that you can assist others later on.

Don’t make it wrong,
It was always meant to be like this,
You need to truly understand where you’ve been, so that you can walk confidently into who you are becoming.


Day 69

The Pasts Ceiling Is The Futures Floor



If we continue to think as we’ve always done then nothing is going to change. But if we’ve never been there before HOW do we take our minds to a place it’s never been to?
Obviously we have to do something different.
And that comes from saying something different.
Which comes from thinking in a different way.
Which in turn comes from a whole new set of beliefs.
So you can see = We HAVE to embrace CHANGE.

If not then we are forever enslaving ourselves to our past, keeping ourselves stuck and small because:

The pasts ceiling is the futures floor

This is the difficult bit for we haven’t seen past the ceiling of the past, we are stuck in this basement of struggle thinking that there are no other floors above us. However if we just exit the building (come on retreat) and get a different perspective we will see that actually there is not only another floor above the basement, but many floors on top of that also; WE ARE NOT LIMITED.

The growth never stops and we expand into greater consciousness all of the time; I have embraced this fact which is why I am able to write this blog everyday = there is always new knowledge, a differing way of looking at things, and a deeper level of understanding of the human condition. I no longer worry about what to say or how to conduct myself in life because I am living 100% in my truth, and that means that NOTHING can ever be wrong. It’s like I’ve stepped out of the basement where there are no windows and we see life from the shadows, to the light; the truth; the future.

And yes there does have to be a leap of faith to make our way up the stairs to a new level. It is often very scary to do so, but if you surround yourself with like-minded people that have, or are, already doing this then they walk alongside you. They will interlink their arms with yours and support your journey up to who you were always supposed to be. This is the power of community.

So today why not make the vow to allow yourself to think in a slightly differing way? Why not, even if it’s just for today, walk up those steps and have a look at the next level. Dare to expand your consciousness and peek into your future, believe in magic, and visualise the life that you dream of having…..

We shouldn’t be surprised at how well Trump has done in the US election (as I write this he is set to win), for there is an undercurrent of change happening globally.

Everyone wants change

The old elite do not hold the same lure of ‘safety’ that they used to and the people, both here in the UK and over in America are voting with their feet to show us this.
I have to say I am not shocked because I feel this change myself right at my core, however, I don’t see it as separation and building walls. But I don’t quite think we are quite ready for the new era to rise; we are not strong enough as a movement of peace and connection, and it is our RESPONSIBILITY to now go quicker into our own inner journey so that the new world is strong enough to emerge.

I see our political world as a direct example of how the old world is dying away:
Nothing is staying the same
Everyone wants change 

Day 70

The World Will Never Be The Same Again



This is not wrong and it doesn’t scare me.
In fact is HAS to happen for the new world to rise.
And so this morning I fel an even greater urgency to hold the space for this new paradigm that is trying to show itself, and each and every one of us must DO THE INNER WORK and get ready for leading the way into our new world.

Can you see how QS mirrors this in the addiction world? That by doing something new we are setting the pace for those that come later? What I see in our political system is exactly what I see in the recovery sector; that the old way no longer speaks to the people, and the people want another way; to be empowered rather than continue to give it away. QS will resonate with those that are ready to leave the ceiling of the past behind and bravely walk the new path of limitlessness to freedom.
Nothing is staying the same, everyone wants change, and this is a good thing!


Member Quote’s Of The Week.


In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

“I have learnt this weekend a lot more about quantum superpower and quantum sobriety as have been watching Jo’s livestreams at OM Yoga show. It’s all starting to connect now and I am ready to move to the next step/level after a tumultuous year. Feel so happy today love to you all
C, Online Programme, UK


“I’m on month two at the moment and despite a few slips I’m feeling stronger by the day due in large part to Jo’s amazing insights in her past blogs. The one this morning about the smokescreen really impacted on me for some reason – I somehow knew all this but seeing it in writing in Jo’s no nonsense style really hit home.
V, Online Programme, UK


I am bursting with Excitement 🤗

I feel like it’s Christmas Eve and tomorrow I will receive so many special gifts for my future journey in life when I visit Inner Guidance for the first time for the QS workshop.

Ignore me if I get over excited like a little child and end up in tears. I’m buzzing at the thought of tomorrow and meeting everyone” J, Online Programme, UK


“This is starting to feel like a massive relief: not giving energy, time, emotion and thought to alcohol. Feel lighter and life becoming more full of possibilities. And am only at the beginning!  ” New Member, Online Programme, UK


“Over the weekend I was shown my old life, I went to a boat party and realised that I no longer need to hanker after the old days and that my life and path and what makes me happy today is so very different. I can fully fully embrace it and no longer have any doubt about which path to take or that I am ‘missing out’. I am free to step into that new reality, the alternative reality Jo mentions” M, Online Programme, UK


“It suddenly and inexplicably became easy” V, Online Programme, UK


A few comments from The Quantum Superpowers day:

“Jo is inspiring and imparts such thought provoking substance to her sessions. What I most like is that she shared the ideas, and then allows time, space and safety within the group to explore and reflect on the ideas, to really allow it to ‘land’. The food! The food! Such deliciousness, and feels so good.”

“Amazing calmness when you enter the house. Vast experience from the team feeling empowered to change. Lots of support from the team. Amazing food and environment to just let go of everything and embrace the quantum. Don’t hesitate to do one of these workshops; jump into the quantum and open your heart to new possibilities.”

“Going back to your own essence is key. Let go of the things you assume you want in order to discover what you truly NEED. Then when you know what you need you can really start the work and trust that all is coming. This is real wealth, also Inner Guidance has true magical energy.”

“The whole centre is calm and peaceful. It becomes part of you as you enter the house. The workshop was helpful to point out where I could change my practice and further improve my manifestation and world.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have absorbed so much information. QS makes so much more sense now and has given me the impetus to carry on with my new way of life which has brought me much needed contentment and happiness.”

“It was a positive experience to meet with like-minded people and learn more about QS. Delicious food too!”

“After almost changing my mind I am pleased I attended, and learnt things about myself. A nice calm, caring atmosphere I felt comfortable and confident to ask questions. Experience of group therapy and meditation was really good and very enlightening.”

“The workshop was incredibly insightful and useful and it has enabled me to discover how I can move forward and continue progress int o a very happy life. It is in a lovely setting, Jo and the other staff are great. The food is wonderful. Thank you so much!”

“Welcoming. Home from Home. Relaxed. Warmth. A great stepping stone to make positive changes in your life. I leave with a changed vision and it was lovely to meet like minded people and eat a beautiful lunch. Leave feeling refreshed, revitalised and positive.”

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