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I was blessed last weekend to be invited into a serpent healing workshop that was being held at the retreat centre. And although I was not scared to participate, I have had some ‘bad’ experiences with snakes whilst living in Thailand.

When the first snake was placed around my neck I could feel myself tense, and as the serpent began to move and it’s tongue lick at my face to check me out, fear arose. The retreat was called, ‘From Fear To Love’ and during the course of this session everybody in the room experienced both emotions for sure; you cannot not have fear when you have a python around your neck! But we’d been led in two hours of meditative practice to prepare us for the alchemy that was about to happen; I know that I didn’t want the serpent to be taken off me in the end; I even removed my jumper so that I could feel the snakes skin directly upon my own.

I knew that I was shedding a skin
That healing was taking place

The inner work that I am doing right now is so fundamental; worry has been so ingrained in my life for nearly five decades; it is what society tells us to feel,

There’s a recession
There are not enough jobs
Money does not grow on trees
You need to work hard
Fear this
Fear that
Fear everything 

There are so many things to worry about
And that is how we are kept small and insignificant
Eating crap food
Not sleeping well
Not looking after our needs
Having low energy

My lifelong worry has been born from this societal western world conditioning
But I am ready to cut the ties
To shed the skin of worry
To cut the ties of gravity so that I can fly high
To cut the ties of density so that I live from my light body
To cut the ties of craving so that I know what it’s like to need nothing from anything
To cut the ties of validation so that I am entirely self-sufficient

I may not be able to do this physically, but I can do it mentally
And the serpent around my neck supported this transformation
I would never be the same again
All the fear was gone now
I was ready to cut the tie to my conditioned patterning of 46 years
And live moment-to-moment
In alignment
In freedom
In space
And it is available to all of us
It is within you already
You only have to believe
You only have to trust
You only have to
G O 

Of everything that you think you know….

From Fear To Love

with Kwali Kundalini Kamara & Maren Lander  

The weekend was SO powerful that next years similar retreat is being planned already. The weekend of Thursday 19th to Sunday 22nd September 2019 has been locked in, and it just happens to be the Equinox.

Watch the video here of me interviewing the facilitators, and let them or us know if you are interested in attending next years retreat; we have a feeling it is going to sell out very quickly.

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More about Kwali here
and Maren

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Member Quote Of The Day:

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

Looking back to when I was drinking, I had been stressed and anxious about everything. Worrying about every single thing. I hated my llfe. I hated my job. I was so unhappy. I was a victim. It was relentless and it was exhausting. (Drink, of course, had a massive role in causing this view point.)

Then I found QS and freedom from my addiction, I took control and I changed what I could. I went deep within and looked for inner guidance and peace and magic started to happen. I learnt to relax, to be and got to understand and trust the Quantum. I’m still learning, I always will be but without my addiction and without QS I may never have understood what a gift life is.

Residential Retreat and Online Member



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