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Daily Motivation 233

At the talk on Thursday night Rajmohan was asked a question about Brexit and the current political situation, and as he answered it was like he was talking about how to move on from addiction. And this is the point, just as I talked about yesterday, that WHEN the whole world begins to look within and sort out their own problems, THAT will be the time we begin to see world peace.
It cannot take place before
Yet the whole world is expecting it to just happen
So, we have a huge responsibility on our shoulders; to begin this process of self-enquiry. And you are already doing this, don’t worry, and the more meditation and self-reflection that you do the more external balance you will witness. 
So the answer to the Brexit question also came from the perspective of India and the UK’s relationship = YOU HAVE TO FORGIVE AND LET GO OF THE PAST BEFORE YOU CAN MOVE FORWARDS
Now those that are part of the QS online programme or who have attended the QS residential retreat will know that this is exactly how we conduct the training; by looking back initially and seeing/understanding WHY we are where we are, learning from it, releasing it, and then building the future that we WANT on the foundations of what we have discovered. 
India and the UK have had to do this, and Rajmohan talked at length about this.
There was good and bad about the two countries relationship. 
And just as this is so, so too has your relationship with your substance/behaviour of choice been important for you to learn the lessons you came here to master. DON’T MAKE ANY OF IT WRONG. You needed it all to move forward and re-discover who you are. 
There has been horrific atrocities between nations
There have been millions murdered
And still we do not see the link between what is going on on a global scale with our own inner wars.
Do you?
And can you see the light at the end of the tunnel through doing the ‘inner work’?
One of Gandhi’s legacies was “Be The Change You Want To See In The World”
Professor Rajmohan said this week “Hatred kills and corrodes us” 
Individuals matter
YOU matter
Your daily meditation practice is quite literally changing the world from the inside out
It’s all change you know
Gone are the times of reacting to our outer circumstances
For now we realise that transformation on a global scale must first come from within….

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I love how this group has people at all stages of battling addiction. My heart goes out to others who are struggling and thanks to those of you who have been here but have proved it is possible to turn things around

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