Could I Have Just One? 🍷🍩

Daily Motivation 209

I often get asked this,
“Do you think you could have just one drink now, and not be back on that slippery slope into self-destruction?”
And I find it a really odd question, for WHY would I want to even try?!

I have moved beyond the brainwashing that we are subjected to around alcohol and food being ok in moderation (we don’t seem to have the same level of conditioning around drugs), and see them for what they truly are: poison on every level in our lives.

So WHY would I want to even have just one drink, or one cake?
I don’t
And it is such a relief to completely let the drama of it all go
That part of my life has gone
The Jo that drank gone
The Jo that drugged gone
The Jo that ate shyte gone

There is no need for a conversation around ‘could I have just one and enjoy it’ because NO I wouldn’t enjoy drinking or eating something that is attacking my body and mind. My practice takes me into a higher state of truth, freedom, happiness and love and I am able to hold this vibration all day, and that ‘one drink’ would take me away from my truth in an instant; numb me from it; release me from it’s magical hold.

I remember sometimes feeling the effects of alcohol after just one glass
As soon as that poison was in me I changed
All resolve gone
My personality changed
Something else took hold
I was no longer me

And now that I daily experience truth, freedom, happiness and love; why would I choose to step away from them? Why would I knowingly CHOOSE to crush them with that ‘one’ glass?

So no I am entirely comfortable saying that I will never have another drink again, another cake again, another line of coke again. And that statement doesn’t fill me with horror, rather it fills me with pleasure, because where meditation takes you is a far more wonderful place than any toxin. You can join me every morning for meditation at 8am GMT over on the Superpowers page and build up your practice and inner strength, for I would love you to join me on this journey to CONSISTENT freedom, truth, happiness and love….


Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

How do I change my name on here?
When I joined this group in June last year I was super secretive, everything about my life was hidden, I hid myself, my habit, my relationship – everything. After I did the retreat – I opened up, came clean and changed pretty much everything. No more hiding. 

It suddenly hit me when meditating this morning that I’m still slightly hiding (albeit unintentionally) so any help much appreciated. xx

S, Residential Retreat and Online Programme



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