Contented, Proud and Connected đź‘Ť


Quantum Sobriety isn’t a programme that locks you in forever; you can leave at any time, and once you find freedom you may not need the community any longer. Some choose to leave at the freedom point (which is great) whilst others wish to remain in the group (also great), with a few going on to become ‘QS Guides’; paying it forward and supporting the next wave of new members, and community at large.

What follows is a conversation between a QS member at the end of year one, and me recently:

How do you feel now?
“Contented, proud and connected”

How do you feel about your addiction?
“I feel that my addition is not me. That meditation has been and will be vital to my recovery. That I have learned a lot about myself. I am more connected. I’ve fought lots of battles and I am stronger for them.”

What changes have you noticed in your work life over the last year?
“I have been sober for 6 months. Since then everything has improved – it improved in stretches of sobriety in the first 6 months too. I feel that I am good enough at my work. That I have a right to say what I think and that what I think is valid. Its still hard, a challenge, but it is much much much more manageable even on a difficult day/piece of work. I can do it!”

What changes have you noticed in your home life over the last year?
“My relationships are more authentic. I am more present. I have to say the emotional rollercoaster is hard. I am learning how to deal with emotions I have repressed forever. I am lucky that I met a lovely kind patient man who doesn’t flinch from it. His love – and self love through meditation – have been completely vital to my recovery.”

Is there anything else you’d like to say about the QS online programme?

  • I really really want to come on a retreat; I loved the winter party and meeting others.
  • I have lost around a stone in weight
  • I enjoy things/activities/people for what and who they are rather than reducing everything to an excuse to drink
  • I am grateful for every day I wake up without a hangover. It is a fucking miracle and a gift
  • Sober sex is incredible
  • I find pleasure and joy in simple things and see such a richer world 

Finally, are you going to stay in the community into the second year?
“Yes! I’m totally staying!” 


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