“OMG So Full Of Herself” and “Clearly She Is Mental”

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Is the world ready for positive news?
When I read the article in the Daily Mail about my tale of going from bankruptcy to living in a £1.5M house, I thought it would inspire others who are struggling to begin the journey to their own dreams. That is why I agreed to be interviewed by the journalist, and I was excited to share my inspirational story to a wider, more mainstream audience.

And lets face it we hear more and more about vision boards these days, and everyone is doing yoga it seems. When I began teaching it in 2001 it was only for hippy types and there wasn’t a gym in the land that was offering it. So much has changed, and I thought that the UK / world WAS ready for the next level.

It soon became clear, however, that my life got misinterpreted by many and I personally got judged on a grand scale. Ouch. 

“Omg so full of herself”
“I’d love to do some fly tipping near this place”
“Did the vision board say ‘find a man with money, open legs, get what I want?'”
“All because of her magic vision board. Clearly she is mental.”
“So basically she was skint, found a man who then paid for her dream, house so she can do stupid stretches all day.”
“What about the people who she is in debt to? I wonder if they will now create “vision boards” of her experiencing all sorts of nasty fates?”
“Ladies, if you’re half decent looking you too can bag a sugar daddy to make your dream come true.”

“headline should be: Deluded bankrupt victim of yoga pyramid scheme marries man who spends his life savings on her dream. SUCKER!”

A fairytale story of the new age
When I shared the article on Facebook, a place where I have created the kind of world that I want to live in; inspiring people, motivational posts etc… the response was opposite to the above. I felt supported but one person said,

“I turned down the Daily Mail last time they approached me, and stick with media that is inline with my beliefs etc.”
….this got me thinking about what my INTENTION for the article was.
My response to the above comment was,

“…the story also attracted a lot of positive attention and I’ve had a ton of people contact who are interested in finding out more about meditation and manifesting. They are the ones I want to reach! People who are READY to step out of the norm/mainstream/struggle of life and create happiness and better health. It is a difficult journey but one I am willing to walk, for it is not about me, it is about those that I can reach; that are ready; that want to begin the journey of the red pill!”
So you see it is even MORE IMPORTANT to get articles / subjects like this into mainstream media; for it to reach those that it wouldn’t normally. For people like me to infiltrate the ‘normal’ world 😉 It breaks my heart to read a comment like this,

“People think you can compel the universe to do what you want? Sounds like magical thinking to me. I prefer the saying ‘the harder I work, the luckier I am’.”
That this person will spend their whole lives believing that there is no magic, no quantum listening intently and delivering your every wish, no belief in themselves that they could achieve their dreams. It really does upset me, and has spurred me on even MORE to get this message out!

And there is always a CHOICE
To be pulled back by the hateful, accusing voices or pushed forwards to allow this new information to permeate into our lives.

Just because I am free from addiction to drink, drugs, smoking, sugar etc… doesn’t mean that ‘life’ doesn’t happen. Look what happened on Sunday, at the time of writing this today there are 733 shares of the article and 363 comments on the Daily Mail website, mostly describing me as a money grabber. The article doesn’t mention my addictions, and the comments could have easily sent me in a downward spiral back to the bottom of pinot grigio hell.

They didn’t of course
Because I know that would only make a tricky situation even worse
The addiction has G O N E
There isn’t a single urge or thought in my head that says,
‘go on, just have one, it will take the edge off’

I want the whole world to believe in ‘magical thinking’
Make a vision board and believe in themselves
To listen to their hearts and follow what is blissful
Can you imagine what a beautiful world that would be?

So I am on more of a mission than ever before
And to balance out this blog I will add some of the positive comments received:

“Just wanted to say congratulations on your DM article and also Thank you.  I have…..I’m using similar techniques to those described in the DM article to get myself out of it – but there aren’t many big stories like yours around and it’s hugely comforting.
I wish you all the success in the world”
“I think it’s a wonderful story of hope, belief, love and determination”

“You are one truly inspiring lady. Who taught me in the short space of time I stayed with you that anything is possible if we believe in it enough. So a big thank you and best wishes for the future to you and Dom.”

And so many more
Believe me this is just the beginning
Yesterday afternoon I got in contact with my editor to move things along with the QS book.
Also yesterday I asked someone to write the foreword, and they’ve agreed.
Plus I asked someone else for a testimonial and am waiting for their response. It’s like a rocket has been placed under me 🚀 and I am totally ready to be a spokesperson for the new age. And please please know that this is not about me, this is about YOU; taking YOUR life to the next level….

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

 I hate to see you so sad.
You are so amazing. I owe my life to you.❞

D, Online Programme, USA

❝Jo you can be rest assured that all the naysayers are totally jealous. It’s a tale of hope. Dreams do come true; I remember you telling me your retreat dream in 2005!!! You were back from Thailand with nothing and you never gave up believing. This is a tale of courage and hard work and not giving up. And I love Dominic for his part in all of this too. Team De Rosa x❞

M, Online Programme, UK



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