Changing Your Set Point ⚖

Daily Motivation 241

Right here, right now, we are all sitting right in the middle of our set point
An area unique to us
And our own spectrum ranges from highly triggered and stressed to peaceful and serene
As it stands today we cannot be outside of our range but we CAN, through meditation, change it.
When I look back to when I was drinking daily and felt trapped by my addiction and circumstances I know that my personal range was quite different from where it is today. Back then it only took the smallest of upsets to create a total drama; because I was already in the danger zone (see picture). When we are here we live in fight or flight, we’re sensitive to everything and feel totally out of control.
However there is good news
For every time we meditate we move the pendulum further over to the peace area
We change our brain
And this shift is PERMANENT
I know this to be true because I have witnessed it
I’m not now in the place that I used to be and know that I will never go back again; why would you CHOOSE to return to pain once you have tasted the sweet nectar of source?
And in this way you change your set point
You shift your personality
You transform your life
And whether that is with alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, anger or coming off anti-depressants;

→ Use meditation as your new medication;

Up the former as you lower the latter ←

You can do anything with this amazing brain of yours
So today watch as the pendulum swings from the danger zone of temptation, negativity, self-doubt and craving to peace, serenity and belief during times of contentment. Then up your meditation practice and watch as your set point shifts and your whole life transforms; I promise you, you WILL see a change…

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum, today in regards to the above announcement:
“Beltane Blessings!!! This to me is the start of summer. My QS anniversary plus 13 months alcohol free today 😊 so a magickal day. Perfect time to set intent and burn in the Beltane fire 😊 my intent is to really nourish myself this month. With nutritious food and lovely people…”
V, Online Programme 

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