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Over the next few weeks I will be sharing a little more about how QS is spiralling outwards and how important it is for me to have a secure foundation in place for this expansion to happen. I knew last year that I needed to have a network of members around the world who had been through the programme, got sober because of it, and who then wanted to pay it forward and assist the next wave of the community. These people ‘get it’, understand QS because they live by its principles daily, and I know I can trust them to support those going through exactly what they have already.

It is with great pleasure that I can introduce to you the first of the QS Guides:

Sophie has been an inspiration to many since she literally turned her life around last year, and is such an asset to the programme. She has experienced the five-day residential retreat along with being on the online programme for nearly one year. Here is her journey in her own words….


❝QS, quite simply, changed my life.  I found out about the venue (not the programme) from a friend.  On googling it, I read about Jo and the 5-day addiction retreats she ran.  It was a possibility for sorting out my alcohol problem (I had tried several times to give up over the years, including a brief foray into AA).  I was a functioning alcoholic.  I’d never missed a day of work because of it.  However, all I did for the most part was work and drink and I could feel myself tipping over the edge.  I’d had enough.  The retreat was expensive, however, and I couldn’t afford it.  I’m also quite analytical, was a bit cynical, and I was not sure it was my ‘thing’.   I filed it away in the back of my mind.

About a year later I had a rare two weeks’ holiday from work (the first ‘two weeker’ in many years). One week was accounted for but I wasn’t sure what to do with the other.  Amazingly (or so I thought at the time) there was a QS 5-day residential retreat on. I phoned up Jo and went for it. I joined the online programme in the June and booked on to the 5-day retreat in August.  I received the first meditation audio and got stuck in.  Every day I sat on my mat doing the Trigger meditation, every day I ‘went to the conference room’, and every day no one came. I had no helpers, no guides, no higher beings, nothing.   The second month I received the Alternate Reality meditation.  I moved onto this one.  I ‘went to the archway’ through which my alternate reality apparently resided.  Nothing.  It was completely blank. I doggedly carried on with my meditation practice every day.  Reminding myself of Jo’s words – keep an open mind.

The online forum associated with the programme was an amazing bunch of people all at different stages in their addiction journeys.  Some had been alcohol free for months.  How was this even possible?  Incredible.  I observed it all.   People were open about their struggles, their successes, their triggers and others were supporting them, no judgement.  It felt like a safe place. I was no longer alone with my addiction.   Jo was everywhere.  She was online daily with her morning blogs, responding to posts, running an interactive livestream each week, an interactive webinar once a month.  The support was incredible.  Yet I confess I was still struggling to give up alcohol.

The retreat came around and I arrived full of apprehension (how could five days make a difference) but along I went with my slippers and an open mind.   The first couple of days of the retreat changed my life forever. I examined and started to let go of the past, forgave myself, took responsibility and moved on.   My meditations changed too (I had a helper in my conference room; there was something through the archway).  I was beginning to understand how the quantum worked and how my thoughts and actions changed things around me.  Five days later, I was equipped and ready to get on with my life.

I stayed close to the group, visited the online forum every day, participated in the livestreams and webinars and, because I could, I paid regular visits to the centre for meditation practice and had therapy sessions with the amazing Carol and Anni.

Nearly a year on (I write this in 2017), my meditation practice (the cornerstone of my sobriety) gets stronger every day and I am embracing life and the opportunities it offers.  I see that everything is connected and that everything happens for a reason.  My life is completely different now (in fact big changes occurred for me within 5 months).  In practical terms, I very quickly ‘came out’ about my hidden 35-year problem with alcohol, I changed my job of 25 years, a couple of other major things, and I found my life.  Oh and I no longer drink (almost forgot that).   It’s brilliant!

I’ll be a part of the QS programme and community for as long as Jo will have me and was both honoured and humbled when she asked me to be a QS Guide.  Every single person on the programme is an important and integral part of the whole.   I want to shout about QS from the rooftops. Everyone should have the opportunity to find their life and to enjoy the freedom and happiness that I do now.

Right at the beginning I asked myself – can I afford to do this?  I ask you now, can you afford not to?❞


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