Bye Bye Old Life

It’s time.
I’m planning my retreat: 10 days on a tiny island without any roads; from teaching yoga; and from who I’ve always been….

Something so dramatic has shifted within me that all of a sudden I need to change EVERYTHING.
Nothing can stay the same, because I am not the same.

I did some filing in my office, and got rid of all the paperwork I’ve been holding on to for months/years: and it was effortless.
I went through my wardrobe and chucked away items that have been hanging around for the last few seasons: and this task was unusually effortless.
And in my meditation recently I can let go of thoughts like never before: and yes you guessed it; it became so EASY!

This shift has allowed me to step forwards, and away from where I’ve always been.
And I’m standing on a new shore.
With absolute clarity.
Ready for the next chapter.

The Island With No RoadsHoly Isle
Next week I am travelling to Holy Isle in Scotland, an island just 2 miles long with no roads. From the west coast of Scotland a ferry to Arran and then another ferry over to my destination, makes this quite a mission to even begin my retreat.

It was 5 years ago that I last visited Holy Island for a 9 day compassion retreat led by Lama Yeshe. This time my reasons for going are quite different, and as I look back on the person that I was in 2010 I hardly recognise myself!

Holy Isle

Since then I have literally meditated for DAYS! I’ve changed my brain and become a calmer more balanced person and it’s not just the inner change, my outer world has also changed beyond recognition.
My Life’s Work
I am going into retreat to write my book.
I cannot do it at home as there are too many distractions, and I need external space to allow the inner work to fully download onto paper.
This really is my life’s work; this is what I was put on the planet to do; to write this book and get my message out there.

The book is exactly HOW I’ve done it.
How I’ve manifested the life of my dreams.
How I’ve got clean from drugs, alcohol, and crappy food.
How I stay focused on my goals, whilst still leaving room for play.
And the book will accompany an online program, day workshops and of course weekend and week-long retreats.

Bye Bye Old Life
And to make way for this new direction something has to give.
What I’ve realised this year is that I am no longer a yoga teacher. 

Well what I mean is that is not my primary role, but something that will fit around what I’m growing into.
This shift has come as quite a big shock! And in the beginning I resisted it with conversations going on in my head like,

“What going on?” 
“Why am I not enjoying this as much as I used to?”
“Why do I not want to teach all of these classes anymore?”

It’s taken me a few months to allow these feelings a voice. I still LOVE teaching meditation and will continue to do so; with my retreats being more meditation focused.
So I’ve been trying all of this on for size and getting used to the unusual fit.

I am no longer a yoga teacher

It feels so strange.
Something that I’ve been doing for the last 15 years.
My identity.
But now I am ready.
My new direction DOES fit.
I like it.
I’m smiling.
And although it’s a new style I am fully owning it!

Looking Forward
However there is a lot that I am still not telling you.
I’m not quite ready to fully unleash where I’m headed until I’ve written the book, but it is very much a MEDITATION direction (no shocker there I’m sure).
My new path feels a little like I’m in the first trimester of a pregnancy: wanting to nurture and protect my new creation. I’m getting to know how this new place feels because I’ve never been here before….

However acting on the urgency I feel about writing my book, I know that once it’s all out of my head I will be able to articulate everything in a much more coherent way; but that time is not quite yet!

Transition is sometimes a scary place; you’ve stepped outside of your comfort zone, but don’t actually know where the next phase is taking you.
And if you are meditating daily (remember only 5 or 10 minutes will do it) and connecting to your source then trust comes easily. My trust is actually driving me forwards because I KNOW I am exactly where I should be in this moment x

Where Are YOU Going?
So as the whisper of September is fully in our ears and here in Suffolk the rain continues to pour, where are YOU going?
With just 3 full months remaining of 2015 are you where you thought you’d be?
And are you ready to welcome in another year in just 106 days!
Are you confident about your direction?
Happy with where you’re headed?
Are your sails set with you EASEFULLY drifting on the right course?

If the answer is yes that is brilliant!
If it’s no then I may just have the answer for you below…..

Hold on tight, transformation is just around the corner!
As ever please let me know your thoughts and if my words relate, I’m here to bridge your journey towards inner freedom by connecting you to your Inner Guidance x

Copyright: Jo De Rosa September 2015

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