We Are TRAINED To Fail 😞 But YOU Don’t Have To 😀


Life is NOT a competition
Yet we are taught from the earliest age that it is
I think this is so wrong, like we’ve been set up to fail right from the get-go.

In school it is all about winning
Coming first
Being better than the rest

There is no compassion for the other
No support for those that don’t have the desire for victory
Just a label of ‘failure’

But achievements come forth in other forms
Ways which are not recognised by the establishment
And why can’t these differing noncompetitive desires also be validated?
Rather than being labelled weak, deficient or unsuccessful.

Us addicts are highly driven
Especially when we re-channel our energies AWAY from the substance of choice and into our lives in a more positive way
I’ve always been unconventional and had the confidence to pull it off, but many don’t have the belief in themselves to listen to their hearts and live life differently; i.e, their OWN individual way

Life is NOT a competition
We are all different
And our diversity is our beauty
Who wants to be the same as everyone else?
Who wants to be ‘the best’?
Who wants to feel superior?

These things seem so unimportant when you live from the heart
For heart doesn’t understand competition
Heart cannot fathom separation
Heart only knows oneness
And crossing the finish line TOGETHER
As one
Hand in hand

And I am smiling as I write this
The words flowing directly from my heart
And I am stopping momentarily to place a hand on my heart, and the energy from that act is like the buzz from winning a competition, for I know that I have won the ultimate race;


And the training of this path is meditation
Meditation is not a competition
It teaches us to let go of such concepts
For why compete with others, when the real tournament is within
When your bed calls louder than your practice, there is no one else that can get your bum on the cushion. That conflict is yours, and yours only, and one that will win you absolute freedom 🏆

*this blog was originally published in October 2017

Member Quote Of The Day.

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“DO IT!!!  (the residential retreat)
It will transform your life in ways you can NOT yet imagine, until you are gong washed out the other side, in to a reality of truth, beauty, and peace xx

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