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It is not just drugs and alcohol that we can become addicted to, although these two substances are the first ones we think of when we hear the word addiction. Some are using the QS approach for food and sugar addiction, while many who join firstly for alcohol then begin to look at how they also ‘use’ food; something that they didn’t even realise they were doing. Our next QS Guide is a huge support to these people as food addiction is what she joined for and is now way past the year mark of sobriety from an imbalance to.

Perhaps this group of people have it even tougher than someone with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, for you can eliminate drugs and alcohol from your life entirely but you cannot do that with food; you have to learn to have a healthier attitude towards it for you need it to survive.
Thankfully the QS approach is as successful in this department as others and our next guide is testament to that.
It is with great pleasure that I can introduce to you the third of the QS Guides:


❝I first met Jo several years ago when I attended her meditation and gong wash class at her house in Ware, Hertfordshire.  Jo told me she was moving and opening up an retreat centre in Suffolk, I followed her big move to Inner Guidance on facebook and via her announcements about what was happening. I attended a few retreats at the retreat centre and felt such an amazing connection to the house and to Jo’s dream.

I had struggled for several years with overeating and a sugar addiction, this was all brought on by bullying I suffered as an early teenager. I never told anyone about the bullying till I was in my late 30’s and used food and sugar as an emotional support, I hated myself and my confidence was low.

I was receiving regular newsletters from Jo and one day something grabbed my eye, a new programme that Jo was launching called ‘Quantum Sobriety’ now automatically I was like this is for drugs and alcohol not for my issues with food and sugar. I rang and spoke to Jo and she said it would be great for me. I decided to take the plunge, I needed to change my relationship with food and to stop letting it rule my life.

I joined the online programme in February 2016 with my eyes wide open to new possibilities and a new life ahead.  I loved getting the email from Jo every month with the new meditation, I experienced so many emotions during these meditations, happy and sad tears but these spurred me to keep going, I could see some amazing changes happening in me.
Supporting the programme is the online Facebook community, or as I like to call them my ‘quantum family’, we have all become so close, being able to reach out when you are feeling triggered or even just to encourage each other with positive images, words or videos. Just knowing that someone was there was huge for me.

It is now May 2017 and what can I say, I am now 14 months sugar free and feeling totally amazing, I truly love myself and I am soaring. Food is now not used to comfort but to fuel me and I like to fuel my body with amazing food not junk and sugar.  Something big happened in October 2017 my dad passed away, it was a huge shock, and without having this amazing programme and support from the online community, I would have ended up back to square one with food being my best friend and not just something that I need for fuel. Meditation is a huge part of my life now and I feel truly blessed to have found this programme.

It doesn’t matter what your addiction is, alcohol, drugs, food, sugar, this programmed is revolutionary and it has simply changed my life. I feel totally honoured to now be a Quantum Guide with the programme and I cannot wait to see where my life will go now.❞


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