Which Reality Do You Choose? 🌍🌎🌏

What Is Real?
If everything was created at the big bang
Then all exists
Different realities running side by side
Parallel universes that we can jump between whenever we feel to
Choices being made every second, and like keys on a piano we change frequency in the blink of an eye

The Schrodinger’s cat example explains that the cat is both alive and dead; all at the same time. If we walk into the room and don’t know that there is a cat in the box on the floor, then the cat does not exist; IN THAT REALITY. In another reality is does, and yet another it is quite poorly and yet again it is dead.

The reality that we experience is the one that we decide is real. Therefore, if we do not believe something then we cannot experience it; this is why it is so important to be part of a community that lifts you UP; to surround yourself with those that are already doing what you aspire to; thus raising YOUR frequency and allowing you to push the boundaries of what you can experience.

This being the case think about the news we see on the television
It is only real if you choose it to be
If you focus on it then it becomes your reality; you can become upset and despondent about things you can do nothing about
You can choose to action what you are able to

There are so many activities, relationships, abuses, wars, love affairs, meditations that I am not aware of, therefore, I cannot experience them and they are NOT part of my reality, thus not real.

You are aware of a whole different set of activities, abuses, wars, love affairs, and meditations that I am not; our realities are then, different.
There is no right or wrong
Nobodies reality is superior to anybody else’s
But each is unique
Yet part of the collective quantum soup
We are BOTH separate and one

We have the opportunity to CHOOSE anything
Everything exists after all
If ONE can do something, then ALL have the capacity
So rather than get jealous of what someone else has achieved, take it as a signal that, because you are witness to it, it is possible for you too
It is ALL possible
Whatever is in your scope right now

Do you get it?
The fact that you are seeing / hearing / feeling it means that it is possible for YOU
Otherwise you’d not notice; it wouldn’t be in your field; you’d be reading a blog by someone else right now

Drop down
Connect to the quantum energy all around you
The alignment that is who you really are underneath the descriptions you’ve been taught to believe
Rest back into pure awareness
That which you were born from, and to which you will return
That which you tap into during your practice and as you dream at night

Live your day from this magical and inspiring place
Drop down frequently through the day
Live from connection rather than separation, and notice the difference in your day….

Member Quote Of The Day.

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“I have just got through day 6 with no wine 
I am feeling very positive about it all. The trigger meditation that you get in your first email is amazing and has helped me heaps..

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*this blog was first published in April 2018

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