Waking Up The Blueprint 🌄


I’ve been feel a little nostalgic this week
HUGE shifts have been occurring and I am, for sure, in a totally new land. However, I am very aware of JUST HOW FAR I HAVE COME, and been honouring the journey.
I’ve been getting flashbacks to who I used to be
My old life
And the dreams I used to have
Now, today, I stand in the shoes I once wished for
Am the person I longed to be

Information that I’ve held for many years
Yet there was still farther for it to go
Finally sunk in


It is already within us
And i saw this from the perspective of having been through the whole journey, and how from this vantage point I always was this, but just didn’t believe it yet.

I also saw how I grew INTO my dreams
The initial image far away but a map to the future
And the codes that are dropping down in the new era are ‘waking up’ this blueprint of what we can potentially become

Powerful stuff
Powerful times

I feel so lucky to be alive at this time in history
To be part of the collective awakening
Where all that is being asked of us is to be MORE of who we really are

The era of wanting and needing to be something outside of us is gone
You don’t need to wish to look like a model in a magazine
You don’t have to fantasise about being someone else

We’re in the age of coming home
Celebrating all that we already are
And with the blueprint of the ‘future’ already within us, it is just a case of holding the vision for all that we could manifest in this lifetime..
*this blog was originally published in May 2018

Member Quote.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

In the paper this week. Its not just about my crowdfunding but spreading the message of not living with trauma. The journey is hard but by speaking out we can help others to understand that that their is hope, magic and a wonderful life to be had.
Act now, speak out.

Residential Retreat and Online Member


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