Unapologetically Who You Really Are 👌


Never apologise for being you
Stand strong in your truth
And speak from the heart

This falls into the people pleasing category, and is a way for us to ‘stop’ giving our power away to the other and instead claim what is rightfully ours.

Staying victim to making the other more important is a way of giving our power away, and in QS we are all about taking it back and owning who we really are.

If someone bumps into you on the street, do YOU say sorry?
If a waiter spills food or drink on you, do YOU feel bad?
If the other does something wrong, do YOU apologise?

I’ve witnessed others do all of the above, as well as myself, and when we speak about it we can see how ridiculous it is, but why at the time do we immediately and automatically put ourselves at blame?

Why do we apologise for the others actions?
Why do we apologise for our own actions, when they are honourable?
What is going on here?

It’s time for this to change
For us people pleasers to find our voice
And to firmly stamp our rightful place in the world

So right now
Honour yourself
Why would you be less than the next person?
Why the separation?
If we take the view that ultimately we are all one
Then by putting ourselves down WE are creating the separation

Gaining confidence in ourselves is fundamentally what QS is about
And as we learn this skill we become MORE of ourselves day by day
The mask drops
The divide shrinks
And we melt into what we’ve always been, and will be forever more

When we learn to be unapologetic in our truth we also gain strength in saying no
NO I don’t want that drink
NO I don’t want to go to that event/party/meal/social occasion
NO I don’t want to eat crappy food
NO I don’t want to ____ (insert your current folly)

As we begin to live from our inner truth
Confidence is cultivated where despair once resided
It becomes easier to stay in alignment with who we really are
Even when those around us are not agreeing with our voice
We stand our ground, fearless in our truth

And the result of this is lightness
We start to notice ease
Welcome an effortlessness in our decisions because we know we’re making them for the right reasons
The fear has gone completely
Even when someone violently opposes what we’ve said, we stand by our authentic truth
And when that trigger to drink comes along, it is now EASY to laugh it off, move on to the next thought; for we have realised that there is nothing stronger than the power of unapologetic truth…

*this blog was first published in March 2018

Member Quote Of The Day.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

Off to India this Saturday for 12 days.
Something has been drawing me to this country since I’ve been sober.
My heart keeps telling me over and over again that this trip is going to change my life in some way.
I’m not sure how or why yet but I’m listening to my heart. It’s burning with excitement and dreams.

Residential Retreat and Online Member

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