The Motivation Of Your Why❓

My why : “to become the real me I know is hiding under the booze . To bring my gifts to the world and stop having all my time diverted by battling the rollercoaster of drinks and hangovers ! ” x

My why:  “To live freely and fully, rather than merely exist in a world which has been made small by alcohol. X”

My why: “Peace of mind and equilibrium. When I have those I can be good to myself and to my family and friends. But those states are not a place of arrival that I can just stay in forever. They are places I reach for every day through my meditation and my belief in myself through the quantum. Not every day is good but no day is as bad as even my best day in addiction.”

My why : “was to stop literally drowning my emotions with alcohol.”

My why: “to stop killing myself, stop the terrible negativity that was eating me up inside, stop the hiding, pretending & the facade. Was fed up being small, fed up with the perpetual cycle, fed up constantly promising never again…then, hello wine o’clock. I’d reached a point that things were changing, for the worse..i was not really that person & i hated myself for acting in that way.
To see this beautiful world with clear eyes and focused mind! To grow and live NOT survive and die.
To get my life back. To get off the merry-go-round and to love myself instead of hating myself.”

From the QS Community



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