Learning To Love Uncertainty 😍


We slip and slide and squirm our way out of the discomfort of uncertainty.
We prize its sticky fingers off our skin, searching for more stable ground.
But what if we could transcend the feeling of irritation and instead become friends with this state?

If we could do that we would set ourselves free
We would find ourselves out through the other side of inner conflict
So we didn’t need to EVER struggle again

Sound impossible?
Well it is not

Like walking through life blindfolded, being led only by our hearts and truth
We go beyond struggle to a place where there is only calm
Where we sit right in the fire of uncertainty
Revel in it
Realising that from here nothing and no-one can touch us, harm us, affect us

And from here we can laugh in the face of the urge to eat, drink, drug, binge
As we bask in the changeable seas of life
And rather than the very negative connotation of the word ‘untouchables’ in some addiction groups, in QS it means that we have transcended the uncomfortable place of the trigger; laughing in its face as it reveals its ridiculous self.

For we understand ourselves so much, because we’ve put the effort in each day to meditate. And as we sit in meditation; sometimes fighting the urge to get up and on with our day; sometimes resisting the urge to scratch the itch of irritation, we have slowly taught ourselves the art of loving uncertainty. For every meditation is different, every session will tap into something new within ourselves, and in this way we get to know ourselves intimately.

We watch the trigger approach
Seeing it for what it is
Knowing it can no longer touch us
We smile
We laugh
We love ourselves

We allow the truth in our hearts to guide us to our highest potential
Secure in the turbulence of uncertainty
And even though it seems on the outside that everything is falling apart
Inside we are strong, sure, stable and safe…
*this blog was first published in January 2018

Member Quote.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:
Hello lovely people, this is my first post since returning from the QS retreat on Tuesday. The retreat itself was pretty mind blowing I’m so lucky to have been able to experience this. Since coming back I feel different on every level, it’s hard to explain but I’m a new upgraded me, I’ve noticed people are treating me slightly different as well. I get smiled at more, friends keep inviting me to things and life is running pretty smoothly too. I have my first dinner with a friend tonight and have made it clear I am alcohol free. Ive got my sparkling water and am ready to go! It’s early days I know but I certainly feel a shift has taken place. Thank you to everyone over the past year who has been part of this journey xx
Residential Retreat and Online Member

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