I’m Way Off Course ↗↘


I had a very clear idea where I was going a few years ago;
Sit on my cushion and clear my mind, with the goal being to ’empty’ all thoughts completely. I was teaching vision boarding and had mapped out where I myself was headed too, on an A3 sheet above my desk.

The problem with this that I now see is how are we supposed to ‘plan’ for somewhere we’ve never yet been? How on earth could we ever know what it’s like to be in that projected fantasy. And, therefore, how could we ever navigate to it?

I am way way off course from that ‘vision’
In a place far far different from my ‘dream’

I was lucky though
Many are not
I allowed my HEART to be my compass
And it led me to where I am today
Which is very different to my plan of yesteryear

I thought I knew the destination
Of course I didn’t; because I’d never been there before, but I’d projected what I THOUGHT I wanted based upon what other peoples dreams were
And that is NEVER going to work
For we all have a unique potential, and it is ONLY your heart that can lead the way

So rather than plotting the future you THINK you want
100 steps along from where you are now
Why not, instead, learn how to listen to the internal compass that will guide you to your dreams
Then you are gifted a map to lead you effortlessly to an UNKNOWN shore; one that could never have been visioned in your past limited state

How though?

The juicy bliss of my current practice is more than I could ever have wished for
For how could I aspire to that which has not yet been realised
It happens moment by beautiful moment
The next step following the one previous
With absolutely no need to jump way ahead of myself

Sit down and close your eyes
Drop down into the compass of the heart
What is she saying today?
Ask her,
‘What is the next step?’
And then let go of needing to know the answer
Trust that it will be given during the day somehow
You will know what to do if you stay in alignment

And then in tomorrows practice
Do the same thing
Ask your beautiful heart
‘What is the next step?’
And again she will lead you on the path of truth

It’s all you have to do
Stay connected
Keep it simple
And follow the wise words that are already within you
You have the answers
You don’t need to go looking outside of yourself
You already have what you need….

*this blog was first published in February 2018

Member Quote Of The Day.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

An experience that will facilitate renewal in all areas of my life. I am leaving here relaxed, sober, positive and with a new clarity. 
I feel free!
I was a QS member for 12 months before joining the retreat. During the year I had a period of relapse and the retreat has come at exactly the right time for me. You will know when the time is right for you….

Residential Retreat and Online Member

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