I Am Not In Recovery. I Am Reborn.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” Joseph Campbell

Our Caves…

Not drinking
Not drugging
Not binging
Not distracting
Feeling the anxiety
Feeling the fear
Sitting with the anger
Sitting with the sadness
Sitting with the celebration and not needing more
Riding through the stress
Riding through the excitement and enjoying it for what it is
Welcoming the conflict
Welcoming fear
Allowing the healing
Learning from it all

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” Joseph Campbell

I remember feeling who I really was for the first time in many many years when I first got sober…

Fatigue was intense.
Sadness was immense.
Fear was present.
Sex was incredible.
Celebrations seemed dull.
Tomorrow seemed forever.
Anxiety felt overwhelming.

I spent nine months after a 90 day hospitalization rehab, jumping in and out of the easy bus lane. I “caved” to the guise of alcohol and marijuana many times before my sobriety solidified. That’s when I found you, Quantum Sobriety.

“Create a reality like you’ve never been addicted.” Jo De Rosa

I found my community. I heard Jo speak on Soberistas just weeks before she gave birth to the online program.

Meant to be.
A grand gift from source.

I met my people.
I am in touch with source.
I learn through meditation.
I am not in recovery.
I am reborn.

I still have caves to enter.
Every cave makes me more me.
I bow to the greatest privilege of being me.
I truly love myself.
I am proud.

This morning’s meditation view….

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*this blog was first published July 2018

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