❝I’m struggling – HELP. How do I stop myself from buying booze?

I’m not personally but a year ago I was. The accountability thread may be too much of a commitment for some. I know at the start I’d have found it difficult to post daily that I’d not met my commitment. Why not post in the forum if you are struggling and are finding particular situations hard to deal with. There is no shame, no judgement. We’ve all been there.

Meditation is key of course but there are also other practical things you can do. Do whatever you need to protect your sobriety. Only you can do it. In the early days this can mean not going out, sleeping a lot, displacement activities, eating a lot of sugary stuff. It’s OK to do this to begin with. Those of us who have been in the programme longer have all been there. We get it. We really do.

One of my first struggles was how to get home after work without calling in to the supermarket to buy wine. The car automatically went that way it seemed. The answer for me in the early days was to vary my route home so I had to think about where I was going rather than be on autopilot. I also trained myself to shop only once a week with a list and to avoid going down the drinks isles. It was quite sometime before I was ‘safe’ in the supermarket.

So how can we help you, what are you struggling with in particular?❞

Sophie, QS Guide
(taken from the private QS forum)
*this blog was first published in June 2017

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Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:
I come on here and I am so energised and inspired by the courage and love and shear heart that I read in everyone’s posts. It’s a privilege to be a part of this amazing group of people.
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