Have You Got Faith? 🙏


Some will read the title of this blog and easily say ‘yes’
Others will automatically respond ‘no’
But what does the question really mean?
What I am talking about here is a feeling that we ALL search for; faith in something that makes it all make sense, through the struggle that we’ve perpetuated and the torment that we’ve endured; is the knowledge that is was always meant to be this way.
Faith Is Believing You Can Fly Before Wings Have Grown
Faith for some is found outside of themselves through religion
Faith for others is found inside through the connection to self / source / the quantum
We all have a different way of expressing it, and none of them are wrong
Each of us linked together with this faith that cuts through colour, creed, race and religion
It brings us together rather than dividing us
Because when we are living from here, from our truth, there is only LOVE
Love for all
Love for self
Love for the planet
Love for our community
Love for every single person on the planet
I was in a meeting all day yesterday with the international peace charity ‘Initiatives Of Change‘ with the room full of people from all corners of the planet, everyone speaking the same language of love, unity, connection and peace. And it was the meeting that inspired todays blog.
Meditation will lead you to faith
It is the path within
To ultimate connection
To that place of stillness that we catch in meditation first of all as a glimpsing promise, then ever more regularly until it becomes your natural state.
Faith is a beautiful thing
A belonging
A sense that you are meant to be here, right here, right now, doing what you are doing
And if you don’t have it, please join me in meditation daily, for I do not want you to miss out on what is possible….
*this blog was first published in December 2016

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