Fast Asleep In Your Comfort Zone 😴


The world is waking up
One by one we are rousing from the slumber of mediocrity
Realising that there is more than we were taught about in schools
A wider world than our parents and peers could ever show us

We are evolving

And this means that nothing is the same as it was 20, 10, five, or even one year ago
You are home-schooling yourself now, even if you are in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s 70s or beyond
It is your responsibility to do this
Up to you to step out of the comfort zone of where you find yourself right now
And leap into the unknown
For if you remain you will always be one step back from the magic that is available
Lagging behind your potential, which is forging ahead with great excitement

In this new paradigm we embrace expansion
And to not do so feels like brakes are placed on our evolution
We feel stuck and unfulfilled
Confused and searching for answers
When we follow the guidance of our heart
Allow the light within to shine the path
Even if it doesn’t seem to make much sense logically
We pierce the bubble we are in
Wake up from the coma of our comfort zone
Find our strength

Now we have invited magic to our life party
Welcomed a different type of living
One where nothing is fixed
We embrace change
We THRIVE on uncertainty

It is a new way of living
And those that are brave enough to be the fore-runners will be the world leaders of the future, and not like we’ve seen before; wearing suits and throwing power around….

Oh no the leaders of the new world lead by example
Model a new way of living
Coaxing others into the light
Keys in the door of your potential
Gently facilitating the rise of our planets vibration

And YOU are ready
Already on your way, even if you do not realise it
Simply by reading this you match the frequency of the words
Otherwise you wouldn’t have pulled them into your orbit
So believe in you
Honour your light
Break free of the mould of mediocrity


*this blog was first published in March 2018

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