Deconstruction 🌀


Everything and everyone, it seems, is in a state of unravelling
There seems to be no way of getting away from it
Are you going to resist or EMBRACE the process?

Even with the data protection laws we are being asked to reaffirm whether we want to remain on peoples ‘lists’, and I absolutely LOVE this process we are going through globally. There is an air of transparency permeating society as a whole; it is what the people want, the TRUTH that is. And we will begin to see the deconstruction of society more and more, we’ll also see the breakdown of ‘old’ systems; the ones that were built on greed and lies; the ones that cannot pull themselves into alignment with the TRUTH that is being called for in the new age.

This blog and the other ‘lists’ that I have are going to get way smaller after the 25th May when the law comes into effect, and I see this is a good thing because:


Only those that really want to be here will be
Only those that have energy to contribute will stay
Meaning that the foundations of this blog are about to get explosive

Now has never been a better time to LET GO
We are being supported by energies of unravelling
I just put the word ‘unravelling’ into thesaurus and another interesting word popped up:


And as soon as I read it I knew this is exactly what we are doing;
Working through our knots
Learning through what we call ‘mistakes’, but are actually all part of the process
The difficult stuff teaching us HOW to decipher who we really are
So that
We can deconstruct it all
Unfold from who we are expected to be
Level the ground
For us to lay the foundations of who we are becoming

And of course we’ve always been this
Our innate state
So the deconstruction simply the outer shell falling away
Revealing all that could be
Our potential

So don’t be scared as your world seems to fall apart
For it is meant to
It has to be this way

Embrace it
Enjoy the process
Open your arms, mind and heart to the unending possibilities available to you
RIGHT frigging NOW

*this blog was first published in May 2018


Member Quote Of The Day.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

The lack of drama and self loathing… so nice…
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