Am I Doing It Right? 🤔


“One of the most asked questions
from meditation students is,

‘Am I doing it right?’

My answer will always be,
‘Has your outlook changed?
Is life easier?’

If the answer is yes,
then you are most
definitely doing it right.”

Book Review.

I can honestly say it’s a really good reference book for wherever you are in the programme. I’m nearly two years in and it’s still super relevant. For someone not yet in the programme, it’s a phenomenal place to start. It’s packed full of practical, down to earth Jo wisdom, plus loads of excercises and meditations. When I read it, I kept thinking to myself ‘I must remember this’, ‘I must write this down’. When I have a copy in my hand, I’ll highlight all the important bits (it will be a colourful book!). I might need several so I can give them away! In this group, we know how special QS is and this book will help other people find it too.


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