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Daily Motivation 204

I’d like to share what I am sensing right now, a little over a week out of retreat, and feeling like a new person. I keep getting a picture of a black hole, I just cannot shake it, and the pull from the image and what it means is immense.

We are right in the middle of an intense time of change
And if we try and do what we’ve always done, we will experience struggle
Because everything is transitioning
And we must also

The answers to my questions will be different to yours
Nobody can do this for us
WE have to work it out for ourselves
But let me warn you, those that are trying to fit into yesterdays solutions are finding life the most difficult right now.

You’ve got to find a NEW answer
Walk an unfamiliar path
Forge ahead using only your intuition, truth and love

And this black hole is powerful
It’s magnetism a force to be reckoned with
And you either get pulled in and lost
...or use its force to activate your dreams

Are you Holding The Space
or Being Lost In The Void

I truly believe that those with addictions are the forerunners with this energy; we HAVE to face our demons, we HAVE to sit with the discomfort of the cravings, and we HAVE to learn how to transcend them. Add to that the energetic power that is around us now and we have the most unbelievable opportunity.

This black hole is in my heart
And it pulls me towards it every time I close my eyes
With every beat of my heart I have the option to come a little closer to my true self
And I have been finding myself on my cushion a whole load more this past week;
A healthy addiction!
There is an excitement in my practice for I know that I am transcending something right now; many of us are, so…..

Yesterday’s Quantum Meditation:

Each morning I livestream my own personal meditation over on the FREE Quantum Superpowers®️ Facebook page. My dream is to get millions of people meditating together each day; holding each other on the quantum and feeling the support and unconditional love that is out there and available to each and every one of us. Here is yesterday’s with a little intro where I talk a bit about the black hole. I am not live today (input day) but will be back TOMORROW morning at 8am GMT. Hope to see you there….

Click here or below to watch

Click here or above to watch

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

Thank you Jo De Rosa and QS! I’ve been so inactive on QS as I’ve been inundated with my 150 students and the busyness of taking care of myself. It’s been a journey of recovery and I’m still working with my therapist weekly to help me navigate through all the stuff I covered up for so long. Life does go on after getting sober and it has been recovery in the true sense of the word. But, I am so proud of myself and all of us for choosing to live with our authentic selves exposed. We are the truth and beauty. This is my post from my personal page. Sober and proud. Two years ago today I decided to live a life free of alcohol and haven’t looked back since. Through meditation and quantum physics, I have been able to rewire my brain. For me, alcohol was a false sense of relaxation and a disguise I’d gotten used to in a culture that is all about having a drink to celebrate, commiserate, and everything in between. No one told me to make this change but a dependency had grown as the years passed. I write this not to preach but to let anyone out there know that it does not have to be a struggle like our society says. We are not powerless. We are quite the opposite. Modern science shows us that our brains are malleable. Neuro-plasticity baby!!!

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#content #livinginmytruth

N, Online Programme, USA

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Quantum Superpowers®️ is a FREE and PUBLIC Facebook group where I livestream my personal meditation practice each morning. You are very welcome to join me on the quantum where we will be collapsing time and space and meditating together, wherever you are in the world. This is not a led class, but at 8am GMT each morning there is a space for you to join me and set out your intentions.

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