Birthing Sobriety

When we’re on this journey of sobriety it should be treated with the utmost respect. I see it as a pregnancy, for you ARE about to birth a new life for yourself….

1st Trimester:
For three months you don’t tell anyone.
It’s a precious secret.
Something to be protected and revered.
You shield yourself from dangerous situations until you get stronger.
Surround yourself with only people who understand what you are going through and support your recovery from the hell you’re moving away from.

2nd Trimester:
It’s now time to venture further into this sober world, but still it’s imperative that you PREPARE yourself.
What are you going to say?
What are you going to drink instead?
What are you going to eat?
How are you going to stay strong when everyone around you is getting inebriated?
How are you going to refuse the drink / cake / line when offered?

3rd Trimester:
Everything is getting easier now, like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.
You KNOW how to cope in difficult situations….maybe they are no longer difficult at all. In fact dare you say it, it’s EASY!
You are now feeling amazing;
More energy
Why on earth would you want to go back?
Don’t get cocky!
Don’t think,
“I’ve got this…..I can now have just one”
Because it doesn’t work like that.
That ONE will lead to FOUR will lead to TEN will lead to BLACKOUT :'(

First Three Months of Life:
This is a milestone for all of us no matter what sex we happen to be. 9 months is how long it takes for us humans to develop, and our sobriety is ready for the next step.
This is when I began to shout from the rooftops that I was FREE.
I felt different at this time.
I knew that the next stage of my life had been birthed, I began to plan with the confidence that I was NEVER going to drink again (i’ve done this also with sugar, caffeine and drugs).
There was a KNOWING that wasn’t there before.

One Year of Sobriety:
A huge shift happens here. You’ve experienced Christmas, New Year, your birthday, others’ birthday celebrations, parties, holidays, summer, winter, the cold and the heat.
You KNOW how to deal with all of those events and situations.
And you stop thinking about it all the time.
Mind has opened up to other thoughts, dramas, and directions.

Do you remember the days when you woke up with a hangover and a suitcase load of regrets? You spent the whole morning trying to remember what you said, who you texted, and did you have an argument with your partner? You feel regretful, disappointed, full of remorse. There is no more room in your mind for anything else as it’s saturated with self-disgust.


Now you don’t even think about drinking.
It’s gone.
You wake up and feel great about yourself.
You get on with life; exciting projects; new directions and opportunities, without a thought of the destruction that was such an integral part of your life a year ago.
You suddenly have a flashback and it takes your breath away how different your life is now. If only you could have known how amazing you would feel sober; you would have done this years ago.
‘Why did I stay in hell for so long?’
You have created a new reality for yourself and there is now no going back because you literally are not the same person any longer.
Have no regrets because you NEEDED to go through what you have done to appreciate who you are about to become. That old life is part of your story; an intrinsic part of your life puzzle. Do not deny any part of yourself, rather become MORE of yourself 🙂

This is why I created a year-long online programme, to give support throughout your sobriety pregnancy and to give you a safe place to give birth. Everyone else in the community knows exactly what you are going through and we have members who are birthing sobriety from sugar, alcohol, drugs, sex, binge-eating and more.

We understand you.
We get you.
We SEE you where you are right now.
Do get in touch if you’d like further information.


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