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Full SuperMoon Total Lunar Eclipse

21st January 05:15 GMT

Thought I’d give you some advance notice on this one, seeing as it’s set to beย a very powerful day. Can you plan over the weekend to spend extra time in meditation;ย see what in your life is having a spotlight shone on it, and whatย you want to clear?ย For there is a big clearing energy right now;ย release the old so that you canย make room for what is on its way to you. Sunday night / Monday morning is:

  • A full moon
  • A supermoon
  • Full lunar eclipseย 

It doesn’t get much more powerful than that! Plus if it is not cloudy we will be able to see the eclipse in the UK. The best time will be between 4:42ย and 5:44 and as the earth is between the sun and moon, a shadow is cast on the moon’s surface. What we will see (I am planning on getting up if the forecast is clear; currently it’s ‘partly cloudy’ for this window) is the moon turning pink or red.

Eclipses intensify whatever energy is there, and you will begin to feel the effect in the coming days; culminating on Monday. The message of this one is that new possibilities must be embraced;ย let go of what no longer works, for if you don’t these relationships and situations will become more and more trying on your energy, and pull you further into despair/anxiety or whatever you’ve been feeling.

Sunday’sย blog describes howย this is presenting in my own life, the shifts and breakthroughs are literally happening daily, sometimes hourly, right now. And this energy is set to continue for the WHOLE OF THIS YEAR! So it is well well well worth getting geared up for this. I’m planning on rising at 5am to go outside and see the pink/red moon, and then meditate the morning away.

Get YOURSELF ready for Monday morning, especially if you didn’t jump timelines at the beginning of the year….there is another chance on the Super Full Moon Eclipse!ย 

With this supercharged energy we can literally ‘drop’ the story of the past, and shine light on the direction we wish to move into; I know that this has been happening all month for me and I am loving it! HOLD ON TIGHT!

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