Been To The Optician Lately?ย ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘“


Suddenly you see differently, you notice other objects/events/items that youโ€™ve never seen before. And just like when you are tested for a new prescription and the optician places different lenses in the makeshift glasses, with each new lens comes a different sight; a new potential.ย  You choose, and no one else can choose for you. We each have our own mind-optician busy at all times of the day getting our personal unique prescription ready, and she is listening to all of our needs. She is hot on customer service and her objective is to meet every single one of your requests as quickly as she can:

โ€˜I am so fat,โ€™ you say
โ€˜No problem madam,โ€™ she replies, โ€˜Here is some more fat for you. Would you like an extra 2 or 4 pounds today?โ€™

Be careful of your language and begin to consciously create what you actually want, rather than unconsciously manifesting the complete opposite.


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