Becoming The Observer 👀

Daily Motivation 249


Take a step back from your life
Disentangle yourself from its grip
And rather than being IN your existence, begin to WATCH it

We are never going to feel in control, relaxed, or that life is effortless if we are right in the middle of it. For we will feel the fight, the stress, the restriction that living like this creates.

MEDITATION is of course the method that I have found so useful over the last 20 years to do just this; extract myself from the drama. I’ve been teaching the ‘ocean’ meditation for at least 15 years and it is the repetition of electing out of the struggle over and over again that finally opened the door on freedom, and the fact that now I CANNOT get triggered.

Through living from the perspective of the observer I have changed my brain so much that it is NOT POSSIBLE for me to get triggered. Can you imagine life like that? To be out socialising and NOT WANT to drink, drug, eat shyte food? To love self so much that there is NO DESIRE to ‘have just one’ for why would I want to ‘have just one’?
Why would I want to pour ‘just one’ cup of poison down my throat?
Why would I want to snort ‘just one’ line of coke straight into my brain?
Why would I want to eat ‘just one’ cake, bag of crisps, sandwich?
I don’t
And I say this just like I don’t want to have ‘just one’ cup of bleach; there literally is no draw to consume anything other than what supports my system and is good for every cell of my body.

So today extricate yourself from what you see, hear, touch, smell and taste
And instead WATCH as you see, hear, touch, smell and taste
Rather than merely ‘seeing’, watch yourself seeing
Don’t just stroke your pet, become AWARE of yourself feeling the softness of their fur
The pet is the object, you are the subject, but the REAL YOU is the awareness of this happening. So rather than there being just two of you (pet and ‘you’), there are three of you; including now the observer.

‘Little you’ is having the experience (relative reality)
And ‘big you’ is observing it happening (ultimate reality)

Let me know if that makes sense
And if you can separate the ‘three’ of you
Today in meditation this is what I will be doing and you can join me here at 8am GMT for a silent meditation where I hold the space for you to also step into this observer role.


Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

The word that came up for me today when you asked how we felt about our substance of choice in the meditation was ‘irrelevant’ which has been a major breakthrough for me 

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