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Swearing? Biting your nails? Smoking? Spending too much time on your phone? Gillian Russell delves into our bad habits and asks just how much our health and happiness might improve if we knocked them on the head?

Author and expert on the power of the mind Dr David Hamilton explains what exactly habits are, why we form them in the first place, what’s going on in the brain when we indulge a habit and why bad habits are always harder to kick.

Ruari Fairbairns, author of The 28 Day Alcohol-Free Challenge, returns to find out how Gillian and guest Suzanne Lockhart got on with their quest to quit booze for four weeks. Have they actually completed it and did they feel any better? What did they learn about themselves and their drinking habits?

If a habit gets more serious and starts to take over your life … whether that’s sugar, shopping or social media … what would you do to break the cycle? Jo De Rosa has been there herself and through her own experiences, she’s now developed Quantum Sobriety … a novel approach to challenging what you’re addicted to.


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