Asking The Vet To Put ME Down 😔



Every Monday you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in the very lively private forum:

Three months of beauty, love, and awe …I awoke to this sunrise the other week, three months into my new life in sobriety, and felt utter awe at the beauty, as though someone had painted love with brushstrokes across the sky. It took my breath away. And like me today, this photo is not altered in any way (for poetic licence, let’s forget my roll-up addiction) – it is the natural beauty of source. It IS.

This programme has never been about alcohol for me, although I needed the tools to free myself from that addiction (arse on cushion, guys, every time!), it is a programme for living my best life, for a way of being in the world, for spiritual growth, for love, beauty, truth – the conditions to come home to my essence self and it has blown my heart wide open and replaced an empty, black void with abundant light and love. 

I AM SO loved-up I could pee my pants with excitement. 

I have been a long time follower of Mooji and now have a list of spiritual teachers (Dyer, Braden, Massaro) to delve into and enhance my spiritual connection. The bridge to this life, meditation, as it embraces the silence within us and our conscious contact with source.

Hallelujah Jazz Hands!! 

I am steadfast in my new life -all thoughts have energy and I try my best today to have empowering, rather than disempowering ones. 

I am here because of the choices I have made. The choice to drink and now the choice not to drink. It takes action. Today I merge with the NOW. I have warmth and shelter and love and hope.

My partner has come back to me, my family want to hear from me today and I am so deeply blissful and happy – after THREE MONTHS. And I am kind today. I live with an attitude of giving, rather than ego and me me me, let’s not forget about ME! Poor me. Actually, I find the false self (ego) easier to manage when living from the heart and looking to serve, rather than filling my boots with self-serving ego. The heart holds such startling intelligence. 

When drunk, I used to phone up the vet and ask him to come out and put me down. This still makes me laugh today – I did this on countless occasions. It’s a great party story. Yet today I wonder what that must have felt like to him. It must have been distressing – he sent me out pet bereavement counselling literature because he just didn’t know what to do. I feel sad about that, even though I am laughing as I type. Perhaps there is a letter in my heart waiting to be written to him. 

The world holds much beauty and peace and that is what I will be manifesting too. Lovers of humanity embrace all, including the dark, yet today I choose to live in the light and SHINE, with red-hot passion.

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