Arse On Cushion 😉

Daily Motivation 359


When it comes down to it
True freedom really does come down to your willingness to do one thing:
Arse On Cushion

This phrase was lovingly spoken by one of our residential retreat participants on the last evening of the August retreat, and their testimonial is featured today.

Transformation is possible for ALL of us
Not just a lucky select few
And we are seeing this evolution everyday in the QS community, so let me pass the reins over to ‘L’ to share their story of metamorphosis…..


Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

I am ALIVE: Heart, body and soul.

It’s the last day of the full retreat at QS and this morning I got up early to watch the sunrise (and smoke a crafty roll-up). And then the words, I am ALIVE, burst from my eyes and heart, travelled to my throat until I was singing them out loud again and again and dancing and laughing. A moment of pure bliss. And it felt pure. PURE love for self and the earth and sky, for the animals and for my beautiful life, and home. Joy!

It is a miracle I am alive physically, after many trips to the emergency department, but to be fully awake to life spiritually is near on better than orgasmic. (Near on!)

It was financially a hardship for me to come here and I had to be humble enough to accept help in that way to get to the QS retreat. Yet this retreat is priceless – I could not put a price on what I am leaving with. I could not have imagined what I would be leaving with, because I have never experienced this utter feeling of deep liberation and pure love, for self, for others and life itself before. Utter bliss. I am spiritually alive, my heart is open much, much wider and my spiritual practice has deepened to another level.

And I am grounded in that. 

The programme is so very well considered and structured to hold and guide you to the journey of beauty, truth and freedom – to bliss: today I am able to ‘choose a reality as though I have never been addicted’ as Jo says. 

Dom, Jo, Carol, Anni and Oliver are all beautiful, all deeply connected to source, all radiate love and have huge hearts and a shit-load of experiential wisdom. They are all healers in different ways. They are love.

The house oozes charm, beauty, soul, heart, healing and love – it seeps from the paint as the chocolate shaman said. 

IG is a safe and holding sanctuary, a haven and a heaven. 

My heart  is fully open and bursting with joy. I have the toolkit to manage my life struggles, (and there are some big ones for me to deal with) without considering self-harm with alcohol as an option. Why would I swap this aliveness for that deadness?

All week I have, in short bursts, laughed out loud and sung Hallelujah with jazz hands to the group! as epiphany after epiphany dropped into my awareness, until my heart burst open with joy and beauty and love and I wondered how I would share my experience with you all, without sounding too hallelujah. However, this is the perfect word to rejoice in the programme Jo and Dom have created here at IG/QS. Hallelujah!!!

The food is utterly divine and full of love too – nothing died here to feed us, no chomping on dead souls, just orgasmic, clean, fun, delicious food, served with love. Every part of me has been loved back to life, (even the toiletries nourish my body here) to a life worth living, to freedom, to bliss, to beauty, truth. 

HALLELUJAH fellow soul sisters and brothers. 

Sending love and beauty to all of you.

L, Residential Retreat and Online Programme

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