Are You Willing To Look At The Wound? 🤕


Rip Off The Plaster.

We can talk all day about the substance that we are abusing, go round and round in circles driving ourselves mad as to why we keep putting the damn glass up to our lips each evening, but unless we are prepared to rip off the plaster and investigate whats underneath we are never going to get to the root of the problem.

What is your why?

There is something ‘charging’ your addiction
A wound that drives the urge to drink / smoke / snort / shop / shout
And the fact that you have been pushing it down and refusing to look at it is the very reason it has festered and become infected; it is the very reason you are in this situation in the first place.

And the substance is not what we are talking about here, it can be any imbalance in your life. I was in a relationship for 10 years that was not healthy for me but I needed to stay that long to understand the lesson of it all. If I had left before the learning had been fully received then I would have taken the plaster off (ending the relationship) and put another one on (begin another similar and equally damaging relationship).

Back then I still hadn’t fully let the wound heal and although I didn’t get into another destructive relationship I did still self-harm in the form of drugs and later alcohol.

Each addiction a different coloured plaster.
Each time I ‘tried’ to stop drinking I found it really difficult.
Wasn’t willing to sit there in my discomfort.
So reached for another plaster to soothe the pain away.
Not realising that I was never going to get fully better this way if I wasn’t willing to deal with the actual wound underneath.

And then I woke up one day and I was ready.
I couldn’t go on like this.
So I went into an intense time of therapy, alongside upping my meditation practice, and off the plaster came. At last I was ready to face it all head on and I released trauma that my body had held on to for many years.

I sat in the fire.

And it wasn’t easy, or pleasant.
But I knew it was the only way.
If I wanted to TRANSCEND addiction I had to face it right in the eye and not back down.

Sometimes I didn’t want to sit in meditation, my mind was too active.
Sometimes it was just too easy to pick up a glass and pour myself a drink and spend the evening anaesthetised on the sofa; i’ll try again tomorrow.

But I watched my life trickle past me day by day.
What a waste.
All that potential ending up in tears each hungover morning as the regret and remorse crept in with daybreak.

At some point you have enough.
You simply can’t do it anymore.
Sick to the back teeth of this self-made hell.
And you peel away the plaster and face head-on the infection that is causing it all.
Will today be YOUR day that you embrace freedom in sobriety?

*this blog was originally published in November 2016

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Feel like I am moving on to the next stage in sobriety life.

It’s really not about the drinking now, it’s about letting go of the old me.

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