Are You Turning Away Or Turning Towards?


I’ve had the most unbelievable polarity of experience in the last week; highs and lows, sadness and joy, but not once have I thought i’d like to celebrate or commiserate with alcohol/drugs or food.

Once you transcend addiction it is GONE
There are no more cravings EVER

I celebrate now by appreciating the moment and feeling it with every cell in my body; why would I want to flush that good feeling OUT with a substance that takes me AWAY from it????? Looking back now it doesn’t make any sense.

I commiserate now by allowing myself to feel the pain with every cell in my body in that moment, for I know that by stuffing it down with food or numbing it out with alcohol is only putting off the inevitable; I am going to have to feel it at some point.

And this is the shift:

This is how we go from victimhood to empowered survivor,
When we turn TOWARDS our pain rather than away from it,
Only then can we go beyond it

When we open our hearts and feel what is there, when we are willing to understand the reasons we are in this current position; that is when we have the opportunity to go beyond it.

And it takes courage to see farther than the bottle or plate of food.
To stand alone in sobriety whilst others are moving away from their truth and connecting on a level far away from the heart.
But it is this strength to see the bigger picture; to take oneself forwards for a second into the next mornings hangover; the remorse and regret that we know that one glass of wine/beer/vodka is going to create.

So instead I sit in meditation and reflect on the WHY
Why do I feel hurt?
Why do I need to numb out?
Why do I have the desire to turn away from my truth?
Which then turns into:
What can I learn from this?
What can I take from this?
Why am I being given this lesson?

Can you see how I took back control?
How when we question what we’re feeling and LEARN FROM IT, that is when the opportunity of transmuting it is possible.
The heart doesn’t want to feel anything other than love, so how can you be more loving? And the answer is NEVER going to be in the bottom of a bottle or come after you’ve eaten the fourth slice of cake.

Sit quietly
Connect deeply
And learn to listen to the language of your heart….

*this blog was first published in February 2017


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Last night I had a flash-back to a previous life and I was overcome with an intense sense of gratitude and relief that I was on my way to watch tv in bed at 9pm with my cup of herbal tea. x
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