Are You Treating or Cheating Yourself? 🍟🍏

Daily Motivation 217

This Friday’s Focus is about your language
What messages are you sending out?
What conversation is going around your head to do with food, drugs and food?
Remember that you become your beliefs, so we have to pull back the covers and have a look and see what is going on underneath….

Do you believe you are ‘treating’ yourself to cake, wine or a binge of any sort?
Do you use them as a reward?
This is huge
For this belief is rife in our society
But we are behaving like animals being treated with a biscuit, only we are not dogs.
We are trained from an early age by society that a glass of wine relaxes us after a hard day of work/with the kids, we are brainwashed into thinking that we ‘deserve’ that bottle/plate of chips

And so the word TREAT began to get misused
Or maybe I have got this wrong????? I’ve just looked up the word in the Oxford Dictionary and this is the result which I’ve copied and pasted:

treat oneself: Do or have something that gives one great pleasure.
‘treat yourself—you can diet tomorrow’

FFS! I cannot believe that was the example given! And I looked this up AFTER I made the chips/salad graphic. This is how deeply our conditioning lies; we are literally bombarded from every direction that ‘treating’ yourself to crap food and addictive substances is the norm. Writing this has brought me to tears this morning, as how the hell are we supposed to pull ourselves from this deep pit of lies when the subliminal messages are EVERYWHERE?

There is a way of course
By getting PERMISSION to drop the story and create a new one
To surround yourself with those that also want more from life, and who are not willing to settle for this dumbing down of potential
Be yourself fully
Express your soul to its max
Expand rather contract
Listen to your truth
Become who you were always meant to be and who is already within; waiting for you to uncover him/her
This is YOUR time
No more excuses
Join the revolution of those treating themselves to healthy food, drink, thoughts, actions, words and beliefs…

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

Great post today Jo. Completely resonated with me. Having just the one leads back to the madness. FACT. I love this programme & all that its done for me. I’ve slipped up a few times & dont have that one year soberversary. Proving exactly the reason NOT to have just the one! However i am a changed person and cannot unknow what i know now. Thank you xxx 
K, Online Programme

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