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Daily Motivation 340


I began to feel lighter yesterday
The full moon energy lighting me up and revealing exactly what the next step is
I practiced for longer knowing that the reward would be an easy passage through the Lions Gate portal that we are entering into today.

Suddenly everything seems very clear
I know the next step
What I need to do
What my commitment will be for the next phase of my life

Today feels like full circle for me
An honouring of my journey as I step into a new dimension
I remember back in the mid 1990’s when I took six months leave from my full time corporate job in central London. As my job then was governed by time, as soon as I arrived I took my watch off and begun to tell the time by the sun and shadows. At night I used Orions Belt, knowing that at 9pm when we left our bungalow for dinner Orion was directly up ahead, and just before dawn it was on the horizon. This was life-changing for me, and it was from this point that I began my deeply spiritual journey. When I moved to Thailand a few years later in 2000 I created a gift for my parents and sister which consisted of a picture of space, with three crystals lined up like Orions Belt.

Orion feels like an old friend
And to be able to connect with this constellation today feels nothing short of magical
On waking up this morning the landscape was thick with fog (I misspelt fog as god!), adding to the mysticism of this special day.

So as Orion lines up with the pyramids today
As the portal to a different dimension opens for us
What are YOU taking to this ‘new’ life?
And what are YOU leaving behind?

Hopefully you’ve spent some time with these questions over the last day or so, and have clarity around this
For me I know that it is all about becoming more attuned to the observer state;
Let go more of the need for anything
Let go more of what I ‘see’
And go beyond form

This year has already been transformational
And I know that by stabilising my meditation practice I am creating the potential for even greater growth; further than anything I could have ever imagined.

Plus I feel that todays portal is a great analogy for what we are doing in QS:
Stepping through each day to a higher frequency;
Believing that ceasing our destructive addictive behaviour is easy, rather than difficult as society tell us it is.
Each day we are already doing this as a community and todays event only strengthens that belief, this path, our global evolution…..

Please join us for a live meditation this morning at 9.30am – 10.15am BST
I will be guiding the group that is here at the retreat centre this week, and those that join the broadcast, through the portal and into a higher vibration. This is where to join in:
Hope you can join us!

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In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

❝Are you going to join Jo’s live meditation this morning from 9.30. I’m really excited for it and have done lots of meditation and contemplation in readiness over the last couple of days. Join in if you can either live or on playback when you are home from work. Remember – trust in the quantum!❞

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