Are You Listening?

Ok so I admit it I am a bit of a workaholic.
The thing is though that I LOVE my work.
I love sharing my life and my story so that others can see that they also have the potential to achieve great success.

My life was in the toilet quite literally just a few years ago.
I’ve still kept a photo of the red wine I puked up on one of my very last binges. Oh how I hate being sick! But I seemed to create what I least wanted so easily back then….

There was always a little voice within me saying,
“You can do better than this”
And it wasn’t a voice of pressure or expectation, rather an inner whisper encouraging me towards my truth.

This is why I didn’t believe it when I was told that alcoholism is a disease that can never be cured. Because my inner wisdom told me so,
“You can do better than this Jo”

So I set out on the ultimate journey; to find a world where I felt totally and utterly content. A place where the internal voice could say,
“You are home”
Which is where I am now, and why I have this unending desire to share it with you; to give YOU hope if you can’t yet hear the inner dialogue.
However if you LISTEN it is always there.
And meditation is the best place to get a connection. I guess that is why i’m so in tune with myself.

Each morning as I ‘sit’ in meditation I come home to myself.
There is nowhere to hide.
I’m either OK or not.
Coherent or incoherent.
And if something is out of balance I address it, immediately, in that moment.

Usually i’m up by 6am with a routine of writing, meditating, yoga and training before I see or speak to anyone.
Yesterday I needed to sleep in.
And slept

It felt good and I decided i’d have a duvet day.
No meditation
No yoga
No training
No smoothie

By the end of the morning I actually felt like shit.
Mind foggy
Body heavy
Lethargic, stiff, scattered, bored.
OMG! it was horrible!

So this morning i’m back on it.
Up early, writing this, then onto my cushion to meditate.
Yes I LISTENED to the sleep that I needed, but now I am LISTENING to my soul calling me back home; back into myself.

I love my morning routine, it sets me up for the day, I know that today is going to be GOOD because i’ve planted the seeds, got connected, tuned in and am READY!

So my question to you now is,
Are you setting yourself up for success?
Are you focused on what’s important?
Can you hear the inner voice saying,
“You can do better than this”
or is it saying,
“You are home”

Do you need daily accountability?
Would you like to join a community that gives that?
Freedom is just around the corner if that’s what you choose….

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