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Our experience in the world is decided on what we believe it can be, so if you are not experiencing what you want in life then there is some ‘inner’ work that needs attending to.
If something makes you feel good = do more of that
If something puts you off balance = why do you have it in your life?

We all know people who are struggling
We all know people who are coasting
We all know people who are thriving

Which means that we all know that all three potentials are possible, right?
So what are you in alignment with?
Struggle, mediocrity, or ease?

And today, right now, PICK which state you want to be in, and here is the thing:


From the inside.
Shift your energy (the ‘inner’ work)
To affect your outer reality.

This is what will transform our world to one of abundance and effortless contentedness, and the easiest way of constructing the life of your dreams is through meditation. To connect to your inner world, uncover your core beliefs, and allow them to grow and flourish in this fertilised mindful environment.

What are YOU going to create today?
And do you want guidance as so how to navigate your internal story?
For there is a whole community waiting to support you in being the best you possibly can be, and who are very much looking forward to sharing the journey to freedom…


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Excellent evening- wood fired pizza with my friends in the pub.. So much less expensive when you’re AF…. and had such a laugh

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*this blog was first published in September 2016


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