Are You Delaying The Inevitable?


The question ‘Are you delaying the inevitable’ 
Should actually be ‘WHY are you delaying the inevitable’
Because we are ALL delaying something
Whether that be how much we drink, what we eat, changing job or relationship
I think we can ALL pinpoint something in our lives that we have longed for many months/years to upgrade

So what are you waiting for? 

Why are you pushing it off out into the distance
And delaying the inevitable
Why not bring your dreams to your feet

What are you waiting for?
Well that just passed
New Year
Well that is in two days time
What other justification can you reach for to remain safe
You can go on and on forever waiting for any excuse not to empower yourself

I have been building up to an epic upgrade for months now
Feeling the internal shifts clink into place
But I wanted to help them along the way by making a mahoosive commitment to take me way out of my comfort zone
I knew that the inner journey could be matched by an external one
So on Monday 3rd December I pledged to eat only (raw) fruit / veggies for two weeks, with a four day juice fast in the middle, and a week of daily colonic irrigation. My body was yearning for this, and I thought of all the excuses I could come up with:

  • It’s too cold to eat raw in the UK in December
  • It’s nearly Christmas
  • I’m too busy
  • I haven’t got time to prepare the juices / colonics
  • I can’t be bothered
  • I’ll be too hungry

And the list goes on
I meditated on what I wanted from doing this protocol
And the answer came as


Pressing the button to take me to the next level
So that I can release the residue of the past
To be energetically lighter

Of course the two weeks went by effortlessly
Because I’d made the commitment
And never doubted myself
I thought,

“It’s just two weeks, I can do that”

And my motivation was
Being intrigued by just how good I COULD feel
What would it be like to be clean in both body and mind
For the last time I did something like this I was a very different person
Still addicted to many things
And I knew that this time was going to be very different and much more powerful than any fast/detox I’d ever done before

I wasn’t wrong of course
It was frigging mind-bending!
And with the undercurrent intention of not ever wanting to delay the inevitable again, my life has changed trajectory this month; just in time for 2019, which I know in my bones is going to be all about Next Level Living. And if you want to join me on the journey, then please do, we are creating some brand new retreats to take those who are open, ready, and hungry for an awakening of their potential. Is that you?

We kick off with a New Year Juice Fast on Monday 21st to Thursday 24th January
Time to press the RESET button
Get clear in body, mind, emotions and intentions
Join me in starting the year off on a positive foot
As soon as you book and make the commitment the energy changes
Get more information here


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I struggled with alcohol (not knowing when to stop) drugs (trying to be less boring) anti depressants (after being diagnosed with PTSD) and then finally food. Struggling with over eating and then purging, poor body image, trying to stuff down my feelings of loneliness in my relationships with food, using it as comfort. That is the reason I joined QS to finally rid myself of the struggle of all of those things. Trust me when I tell you it is possible and everyone is here to help 🙏

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