↕ Are You A YoYo Addict ↕


We’ve all heard of yo-yo dieting;
When an individual jumps on the bandwagon of a new approach to lose weight, but because the diet is just a fad (usually cutting out a whole food group), it is not realistic and therefore possible to maintain this way of eating long-term.

However this person initially does lose a bit of weight
There is a lot of willpower involved
Then when they begin to feel good, they ‘reward’ themselves with the food they have been denied for the set period
A binge usually occurs
Then they return to restrict that which they crave

Up and down
Up and down
Restrict, reward
Restrict, reward

And so it is also with the drinker
In the exact same way
Deny, reward
Deny, reward
And it is difficult for one reason


You are so busy to-ing and fro-ing
That no ground is covered
And you remain in the exact same place

Freedom ONLY comes when there is a willingness to go somewhere new
When you finally put up your ‘I-need-to-reward-myself’shoes
And your ‘I-am-missing-out’ mentality

In the case of the dieter, a whole new way of eating must be introduced; not just for a set period of time. The only way lasting results are achieved, is when fundamental andpermanent changes are implemented. There is no quick fix and return to where you were before; it CANNOT work. This is why slimming groups do not work for the majority in the long run; other than them being a business and the owner not wanting them to achieve their goals (no money in that), there is no real eduction in how the body is assimilating each ingredient. With the emphasis on weight-loss rather than what is healthiest, the point is missed entirely on how to achieve your ideal weight on a permanentbasis.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein

So it is also with alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes etc
The yo-yo addict edges forwards
And then retracts
Over and over again
Never willing to feel the full power of withdrawal;
That which is PROVING to them that it’s working!
That the old behaviour/addiction is dying! 

Instead they return to their comfort zone
Scared to come out to the new place

And so they remain stepping forwards two steps, and back two steps
Over and over again
Over and over again
Over and over again
forwards two steps, and back two steps
Over and over again
Over and over again
Over and over again
Over and over again
forwards two steps, and back two steps

And they wonder why everyone around them gets tired of this conversation
Frustrated when watching this tiny dance of just a couple moves
No creativity shown
No change of belief
No zeal for something new

It’s boring to watch
And boring to be stuck in

This is why you need community
Understanding from those that have walked the same path before
Surrounding yourself with people who know what to do
Day after day
Hour after hour
Minute after minute
Second after second

The thing is it becomes a new way of living
E A S Y to be out of your comfort zone
Once you’ve tried it a few times and have support around you
Welcome to your new struggle-free life…


Member Quote Of The Day.

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7 days today ❤️❤️ so grateful….Look at what I have been missing. Not anymore. Thanks to Jo, you lot on here, finding meditation and trying something different not just trying harder. 🌈
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