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Daily Motivation 277


We are addicted to one of two things
One has a negative effect on us
The other gives us the potential to become enlightened
So which one are YOU addicted to?

Negative addictions involve us looking outwards into the world and placing importance on external factors; something outside of ourselves brings us comfort and pleasure rather than us finding that within. When that outer substance is taken away from us we scream and shout, and get into the energy of lack.

Unfortunately we just gave our power away to something outside of ourselves, so ‘it’ now has control over us. Addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, food, a person, an emotion, a car, a certain lifestyle, plastic surgery, fame, drugs are all placing importance on what is OUTSIDE of who we really are.


Who are you without all of those things?
When you strip away the layers of who you think you are, what is underneath?
When you sit in meditation and there is no protection from who you really are, what do you see? Feel? Hear?

This self enquiry is the ‘other’ addiction
The path of the spiritual warrior
Many of my community find it difficult to connect with a ‘positive’ addiction, for how on earth could any addiction be good for us? Surely ALL addiction is harmful?
I don’t think so
And this is where the addictive type has an advantage over non-addicts
We understand compulsion
We get what it feels like to have to do something
So can you turn that around and place the focus on something that is good for you? Something, say, like:

What if we use all that we know about being negatively addicted and apply it to our meditation practice; be so committed to looking INWARDS that we gain the same level of success as we did as an ‘addict’. Think about it, an alcoholic is an EXPERT in drinking; knows how to drink everyday; is wholly committed to it; does it to the detriment to everything else in their lives, and is willing to lose it all because of it.

Can you take that level of resolution into sitting on your mat and finding out who you really are? For when you peel away the many layers of conditioned beliefs and behaviours and touch in on truth, you find out it CANNOT HARM YOU. And the more you stay in your truth place, the more you come to understand the absolute; that which is formless.

And the only way to do this is through meditation, and the willingness to sit with whatever is there. To find out who you are at soul level, to touch in on consciousness and let the rest go. In this place there literally can be no desire to drink, smoke, use, binge, because pure consciousness doesn’t need to move away from itself. 

You transcend anything toxic in your life and welcome only that which nourishes your soul
Become addicted to truth
And finding a deeper knowledge of who you fundamentally are
Unleashing the spiritual warrior within
For that is who you really are.

So are you living only in your external world, where it is harsh and difficult
Or have you already discovered your soft underbelly;
The place where you already know how to be happy
The place where there is no need for anything at all
The place we call freedom
If you have begun this journey in, then welcome, for you are now truly coming home….


Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

❝It is so true that people don’t think they are bad enough or far enough down the line to join an addiction program. The truth is though, if you’re unhappy with a habit then you ARE far enough down the line, because if you weren’t far enough down the line, you would have stopped and not given it another thought. . You may not be a full on addict, but you need the motivation and support of others doing the same, as any lifestyle change is hard.
Omg your program is revolutionary. There are so many people thriving on it and that includes people who HAD reached rock bottom and tried everything else the ‘normal’ way.❞

J, Online Programme Member

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