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Daily Motivation 309


We are a planet of rushing
Always busy
Forever with a to-do list as long as our arm
And the problem is that the more we get caught up in the rush the less we see what s really there.


Have you seen magic in your life in the last 24 hours?
Have you noticed the alchemy that is possible?
Have you tapped into the wonder of the world?

If you answered YES then brilliant, your eyes are open and you are SEEing clearly,
If you answered NO then you missed the enchantment that is all around you; probably because you were too busy

When you rush you move away from the highest potential
Which is always given to you
In every moment

So are you cheating yourself from your potential by filling your life with what is unnecessary?
Are you cheating yourself from your potential by taking a drink, smoking that joint or eating crappy food?
We have a choice in  E V E R Y  S I N G L E  moment
What are YOU choosing?

I’ll give you an example which I may have used before but it is such a good one and gave me such a shift at the time that I want to really get its point across….

I drive to Colchester (about 35 minutes) to get the train to London and also to attend a yoga class, so I make the journey at least 5 times per month, sometimes much more.
It is a very beautiful drive
I am always rushing
“Get the 12:03 train”
“Quick get past this slow car”
“Grrrrrrrrr why are you driving so SLOOOWWWWW”
“Get through the lights”

And so it goes on….

Then one day I decided to take the philosophy I have in so many areas of my life already into this situation. What a frigging revelation! I let go of the outcome and trusted that I would arrive at the station at the right time to get the right train to arrive into London at the perfect time to meet my sister. I decided before I even got in the car that I was not going to push for my desired outcome, for I knew:

When you rush you move away from the highest potential
Which is always given to you
In every moment

What happened was that there was not another car on the road
I drove at the speed that I wanted to
It was like the seas parted and I glided effortlessly along
A true R E V E L A T I O N
And because the stress was gone, I enjoyed the journey so much more
I got the 12.03pm train (my favourite)

And there are guideposts gently ushering you to your dreams
The magic shows you the way
And when synchronicity appears in your life, it is a beacon of truth, navigating us to the highest potential

And stress is a guidepost too;
Highlighting the fact that you have moved OUT of alignment with your truth
(read todays member quote for a brilliant example of this)
And got caught up in ‘stuff’ that you are not supposed to
Take a break
Clear your head
Get aligned again
And return to what you were doing

The magic CANNOT show up when you are stressed
So remaining in a stressed state is PUSHING AWAY magic in your life
And we are so caught up in this kind of thinking,

“If I can only get this done, THEN I can have a rest”

That we miss the point completely:
Do you see the paradox?
And how we get so stuck?

So today stop rushing!
Slow down and notice the magic that is all around…..


Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

❝If ever i needed proof that meditation works, it was tonight! My kids have been driving me crazy, they’ve onky just fallen asleep after being in bed since 8!! (posted at 10.22pm)
It’s hot and sticky, stressful day at work, hubby still at work so im doing this bed time thing solo! I felt like i wanted to scream! Ive eaten crappy pizza which has made my mood 100% worse!! I felt like i needed to run away… i did…out into my garden, i picked my fave spot, sat on my cushion and did the trigger meditation and i feel like a different person.. My true self, feeling sorry for shouting and my kids, so thank you Jo once again! Looking forward to working with everyone xx nite nite xx❞

L, Online Programme

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