Approval Addiction 😔


My latest addiction
And a tough one to budge
Insipid isn’t it
This need to please others
And receive approval

“Good girl”
“Well done”

But can we take the outer wrapper off
For this is key to lifelong / eternal happiness

Recently I was introduced to someone ‘senior’ to me
A person who is highly respected, revered and decorated with a title
I didn’t agree with what they were saying
In the past I would have been blinded with a strangers fame and regard
But today these things mean nothing to me; what has significance now is how compassionate a person is, how thoughtful they can be, and how far out the box they are willing to dare to be

In the past I would bow down to someone else’s view
And disregard my own
Thinking that they were superior, and who was I to have a voice

In the past I would be impressed with someone’s outer beauty or the clothes they wear
Dazzled with status or fame
Stuttering with words of praise for them

Inferiority used to be my middle name
How much has changed!

Today I am confident and sure of who I am
If someone doesn’t agree or even disapproves I can see that this is THEIR issue, not mine
And that realisation is frigging huge
Because it totally frees me

For I live a life of integrity
In service to others
And my meditation practice stabilises my truth
Each morning
So that
I live my life from coherence

And from this state
It literally does not matter what others think
For from an authentic place you cannot get anything ‘wrong’
And if they don’t ‘get’ us we often dilute our message, change our mind, cover over our truth, and this is what we must ✋ STOP ✋ DOING ✋ immediately.

Become like a duck
Efficient because water runs off your feathers and doesn’t touch your skin
Allow others’ criticisms, disagreements, and misunderstanding of your truth
To fall to the ground
Without weakening your expression

Be you
All of you
Totally you
Unapologetically you
For in truth the world wants nothing else from you
Think of someone whom you highly respect, and who has a strong message
Do you think that if you argued with them, they would thin out their message so that it sat comfortably on your ears?
Do you think that worlds were changed and barriers broken through the century’s, because people spoke carefully to each other and never dared to say or do something different?
Do you think that the Buddha’s, Jesus’ and Mohammad’s of this world tip-toed around their tribes only regurgitating what they had heard before from their peers?

I don’t think so

You’ve got to be brave
Speak your truth
And not worry about the reaction

You’ve got to trust your beautiful heart
Honour the wisdom within
Speak and do from love

Be you
All of you
Totally you
Unapologetically you
For in truth the world wants nothing else from you…

Member Quote Of The Day.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

Day 3 today free from nicotine.
I’m feeling like I did when I came off alcohol.
I don’t want the bubble of freedom to end.
Yes this is hard but I’m feeling so much better already. The poison is slowly coming out of my system.
Yesterday I did breathing practices during cravings and drank hot water. Today I’m really going to focus on cleansing. Hot water, great green veg, raw proteins etcs.
It’s like I want to give my body something to repair its self. I’m almost scared of the damage I’ve done.
Anyway on a positive note it’s day 3 and off I go.
Love to you all
Residential Retreat and Online Member

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