Anticipation Of The Drop 🎢


This week, day by day, I have felt it building
The expectancy of something shifting
Of course I know the climax is TODAY, when Mercury goes direct again
But all week I have been ‘held’
Suspended in no-mans land
As the planet moves behind the sun, caught directly between backward and forward motion
It all ‘hangs’ in the balance

Like the pause between the in-breath and out-breath
As we begin to notice the ‘gaps’ between our thoughts in meditation
We experience these ‘frozen’ moments all the time
Periods of utter stillness

The more we experience them
The more we get used to them
And therefore expect them
= that my friend is an upgrade
And this week has been pregnant with possibility

I have felt like being on a rollercoaster ride
Climbing the steep incline
Anticipation of the drop increasing
An element of fear as I know something huge is about to happen
There is excitement too
We are entering a new dawn
Tomorrow being a New Moon

And the message of this blog is to HOLD ON TIGHT

Get readyfor your direction to change
Get readyfor a different way of thinking
Get readyto release the old way of thinking
Get readyto release the old way of speaking
Get readyto release the old way of acting
Get ready to be in a position to make decisions that you’ve been procrastinating over forever
Get readyfor ease in your life
Get readyto stand more fully in your truth
Get readyto think from your heart
Get readyto speak from your heart
Get readyto act from your heart
Get readyto LIVE day-to-day minute-to-minute second-to-second from your heart

You are ready
The energy is here to support you as you step out into a new world
And this community is here to guide you, hold you, love you

Close your eyes
Drop down into your heart
Connect with your breath

The inhale
The pause
The exhale
The pause

The inhale
The pause
The exhale
The pause

The inhale
The pause
The exhale
The pause

Notice the ‘suspensions’ in between inhale and exhale, and exhale and inhale
Magical moments of total stillness
Align yourself with this peace that happens millions of times to you everyday
….do you ever notice what is already there?

Do it now
For the next few minutes
Using this technique to ground yourself over and over again as we all bound into the surge of the next fresh wave
For the tide has turned
A new direction taken
It’s ALL to play for

I know exactly what I’m breaking through
I know I am ready
Something that has been brewing forever
I know I am ready
And as I sit at the dawn of a new era
I know I am ready
Even though it’s scary to take the next step
I know I am ready
NOW is the time
I know I am ready

Protect yourself
Surround yourself with those that have your back
Be held
And know that if you’re not holding on tight, you may get caught up in the swell
Up your game
-Your meditation-
For this is HOW you sail through these transformational times

I sat yesterday in meditation for 90 minutes during my morning livestream
And it was P O W E R F U L
You can catch the recording in my free Facebook Quantum Superpowers group, and tap into the potent energy of the practice if you wish. And I am in this groupeach morning (usually around 8:30am BST but sometimes a little later). Join me if you wish as we collapse time and space and meditate ‘together’.

HARNESS what is around you
ASK for help
KNOW that support is available
BE who you have always been, once the storyline is relinquished
DROP down into love ❣️

Member Quote Of The Day.

Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

2 years sober today.
Thanks Jo and all the team at IG.
Thanks to all my QS family for the support.
As I shared on my private page: the last 2 years have been filled with so many challenges: I would have truly fucked it up if I was still drinking!
I’m really happy to be my vulnerable self now and shudder at the thought of hiding in alcohol. True connections happen sober, with the right people. Less is definitely more these days. Self-love and self-care is way more important than partying, trying to make people like and love me, and hiding from myself, my pain and the world.
I had inspirational people before me, with me and after me in QS, I admire you all. Keep on keepin’ on, familia
D, Residential Retreat and Online Member

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