Advice From Gandhi’s Grandson 🙏

Daily Motivation 232

On Thursday night London had the honour and pleasure of hearing Professor Rajmohan Gandhi speak about the past, present and future relationship he has had with the UK. This historian also spoke about his grandfather Mahatma Gandhi, and answered lots of questions ranging many subjects. There was however one particular reply to a question which resonated with me greatly,

“Hatred is something we must address. We think that when we hate and we are very angry that someone else is being diminished, but WE are being diminished. Hatred kills US, it doesn’t kill the enemy; it corrodes US”
He said something similar all the way through the evening; to stop blaming and instead listen to others and look within for many of the answers. For how can we expect to see balance and happiness in our world if we are not showing those qualities to ourselves? We don’t really have a right to demand that others sort themselves out if we haven’t already done so ourselves, with our tendency being to quickly blame the other and an unwillingness to look within.

I will leave you with that to ponder for now
It’s a huge subject and one that will ultimately heal our society and world
And WE are the forerunners of this
How can YOU find more peace within yourself today?
For this is YOUR own individual role to promote peace in the world
Can you imagine if we were all to do that?!
Can you imagine what the world would look like if we all stopped blaming the other and listened instead?

And here is an idea for you to play around with this weekend:
Listen to hear the other person, rather than to merely respond
Get into the habit of hearing the words,
Get into the habit of seeing the person,
Get into the habit of understanding what they are trying to say,
And get out of the habit of feeling the need to give your point of view…..

You can watch and listen to the whole talk of Professor Gandhi’s here on Initiatives of Change’s Facebook page:

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OMG! I finally got the kids to bed and sat down to do the trigger meditation but it wouldn’t load on my phone. Server not responding. So I did one of the bonus meditations Responsibility and it was like it was made for me. I feel trapped in a situation but I realise now that if I believe I am trapped I am but if I believe I can change things then I will. I don’t feel strong but can see now how meditation can make me strong. I get it! Xxx

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