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Daily Motivation 334


Every Wednesday I am sharing some WOW’s with you; my teachers; my influences and who I am inspired by.
I hope you enjoy!

The Chocolate Shaman

Keith has been posting loads recently on Facebook explaining the upgrade energies that I speak about. Here are some snippets of what he has been saying, and you can like his page with the full versions here:

For those who choose the hard bus [trauma, drama, pain, struggle, and suffering] because they are resisting the process and hanging on to what they know, it is increasingly tending to the nightmare that Eckhard Tolle repeatedly discusses of pain, chaos, violence, and insanity. You will see lots more of this in the next years, even with ones you love, and you are being asked, by you, to move your shit now, so you know how to help them. 

Physically these waves of light can really take a toll. As we rewrite the programming, density leaves our form in sometimes unpleasant and explosive ways. Many are experiencing colds, flu like symptoms and intense body aches. Others experience extreme exhaustion, joint pain, back pain, headaches, earaches with lots of ringing in ears, skin eruptions, or gastric upset, with bloating common. Feeling dizzy, nauseous and ungrounded is common, some have a flare up of chronic conditions. Lack of sleep and waking in the middle of the night, or needing to sleep much more than usual. Exhaustion, anxiety and depression, bad dreams are often frequent for many during this clearing. There are moments when the body stops digesting and what once satisfied it no longer does. The desire to change one’s diet, or do various fasting protocols will be normal for many. There can also be bizarre food cravings, or binging on anything, even sugar, addictive substances or alcohol, as these energies clear from the system. Some may find themselves “forgetting” to take their usual supplements. This is common during massive upgrades and clearing deep programming. Return to the supplements when you feel guided to. Above all listen to your body and what it needs. Walking this path means that you listen to you and your guidance above all. As a society, we have been conditioned to give our power away to outside authority. Listening to your inner guidance is essential in taking back your power

❝As some look at it, we are in the 3rd of 4 tsunamis of light to wash over this reality this year. This month of July, the ocean is going out… exposing all sorts of deeper fears and issues. Through August, the wave of light will be coming in… ride it or believe you will drown, whatever, it will be just fine. What is happening this month is to prepare room inside to fill with more love, opening, and shifting as the wave arrives. Those who cooperate will find themselves released from some old patterns and with new abilities opened into September. Just in time to have the center that allows others to have their chosen dramas, without you taking it personally or going into fear because of it… as we have increasing chaos in the world these next months [although I feel most of the economic crazy will be next year]. Consider cooperating with your process… or judge it and have a resistance festival on the hard bus….❞

So are you choosing the hard bus, easy bus, or magic bus?
And if you’ve not seen me interview Keith (nearly 2 years ago!) then catch up here.
Reach for the stars
Believe in yourself
Get out of your wants (head) and into your desires (heart)
Let go of the ‘shoulds’
And listen to the gong wash that Dom and I live streamed yesterday, link here.
Have a great day….


Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

❝Today it is exactly 1 year since I went on residential retreat at Jo’s and more than a year since I found sobriety from booze. Looking back to who and what I was a year ago is to be frank astonishing. I was so unhappy and unable to find my way out of where I was at. I was such a victim. At the end of the retreat I experienced my first ever gong wash and at the time said it made me feel like I had been reborn. Little did I know then how accurate a description that was! Shortly after my retreat, I trusted in the quantum, follwed my heart and jumped. My life is totally different now. I am future me and she is me. I am so happy.

This morning, one year on, and with amazing serendipity Jo and Dom are holding a gong wash at IG during the locals’ meditation class. Can’t wait – I’m so excited and ready for the next level of whatever the quantum holds for me  

S, Residential Retreat and Online Programme

Gong Wash & Guided Meditation:

Join this powerful meditation with me talking and Dom playing the gong. Enjoy!
We will also be livestreaming NEXT TUESDAY’S meditation on the Inner Guidance Facebook page at 9.30am for the Lions Gate portal on the 8th of the 8th. Can’t wait!


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