A Residential Retreat Interview 🙏


Last week was the highlight of the QS month; the five day residential retreat. Here I asked one of the participants some questions on their first day and then again on their last day; see the difference just five days makes (we only need this long with you), and what this revolutionary approach can do…

Participant Interview.

On arrival

Jo:  “How are you feeling right now?”
QS’er:  “Embarrassed, guilty and ashamed. My addiction controls and humiliates me. I make bad decisions, waste money, isolate, waste days/weeks, and create chaos.”

Jo:  “How would you like to feel at the end of the five day retreat?”
QS’er:  “I want to be clean and sober, have more confidence and more self-esteem. I’d love to feel in control, positive and happier.”

On departure

Jo:  “How are you feeling right now?”
QS’er:  “Positive, clean and motivated.”

Jo:  “What are the three most important facts that you’ve learnt this week?”
QS’er:  “1. Your thoughts create your future 2. Meditation changes the brain 3. The stomach is the second brain”

Jo:  “What would you say to someone thinking of coming on this retreat?”
QS’er:  “Just do it. Work out what you spend on your addictions, compared to the cost of a QS Residential Retreat”

Jo:  “Finally, can you explain in one paragraph your overall experience of the retreat?”
QS’er:  “A holistic approach to getting rid of addictions. There is intensive therapy from Jo, Dom and the team. The love and care given comes from the heart, with very small groups

February 2018 Residential Retreat and Online Member

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