A Banquet Of Drama 🍴


Yesterday we had our first cacao ceremony (this year) with the Chocolate Shaman in Guatemala, and it did not disappoint. We first met him a little over three years ago at our retreat centre when he was on a world tour and we were blown away by the chocolate and him back then, and he just seems to get better and better every time we journey with him.
He loves QS and many of the meditations on the online course are inspired by the meditations that I’ve personally been taken on by him.

The Chocolate Shaman knows EXACTLY what to say and when to say it to give you whatever upgrade you need in that moment.
He began yesterdays group session talking to someone about their ‘banquet of drama’ that they were right in the middle of and I immediately thought how this describes the addictive cycle so perfectly.

We walk into a room and sit down at the table laden with drama, and begin to consume it because that is what we’ve always been told we must do.

“Life is difficult”
“Nothing is easy”
“Sobriety is boring”
“Life will never be the same again”
“You’ll always want a drink/drugs/crappy food”
“You’re missing out”

And so the lies and drama goes on.
And we believe it because we’re told to.
We’re not supposed to break free running out of the banquet to find freedom from it, we are told to suffer.
So we do.
Over and over again.
Banquet after banquet, totally gorged on the drama.

And the thing is that the drama is safe, it’s a place we know so well:
“I don’t want to drink anymore, this is it, it’s over”
“Oh go on then, just one”

The ultimate addicted paradox.

Sobriety is not a safe place for us yet.
It’s unknown territory.
A land which terrifies us, so we return yet again to the table and feast some more on the beast.
We feel wretched though.
This is not our truth.
And something is calling, a new voice, and it comes from deep within us.
Yet we don’t trust it yet, it’s weak and wavering.

And then something happens.
Someone gives us permission to walk away from what we’ve always known, and we begin to listen and then gain confidence to live a new way.
No more banquets of drama.
The tide has turned.
We simply just do not need it anymore…..

You can purchase the Chocolate Shamans cacao here.

*this blog was first published in December 2016

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