Quantum Mentoring With Jo

These sessions are based upon Jo guiding you to how to find your own unique hidden code; the place that when you reach it you ‘know’ all the answers. From here life gets easy, once you have ‘found’ the code you will never have to make another decision again, for life will simply unfold in front of you. Jo has got to this place physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually of total alignment, and it is from this state that these sessions will be transmitted directly to you.

“Thank you SO much for a really transformative session. Yes, I came away feeling more open and positive and re-committed to my practice. My attitude to work has shifted a bit too. I feel hopeful again. Thank you! I’ll do my homework!”

30 minute and one hour online packages available, with Jo transmitting total alignment directly to you. These are ideal for those who have been on retreat before and would like to ‘top-up’ their energy and reconnect, and also for people who have not yet worked with Jo and are ready to experience life at the next level.

Throughout our lives teachers come in to mirror to us exactly what we need in that moment; the following list is what Jo has personally moved through and can support you with from an experiential level:

  • Addiction
  • Finding your calling
  • Manifesting at a high level
  • Building a successful spiritual business
  • Surrendering to Self and not needing anything from anyone/anything
  • Creating a stable personal practice (meditation, journaling, yoga etc)

60 Minute ‘Embodiment’ Mentoring

£280 for a month of weekly sessions
£650 for 10 weekly sessions

30 Minute ‘Laser’ Mentoring

£200 for a month of weekly sessions
£450 for 10 weekly sessions

Book on our sister site Blissful Infinity HERE and then you will receive an email from Jo to arrange timings and start date: 12Noon UK on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays beginning 1st September 2020

The structure of each session is as follows:

  • Pre session questions to answer, for Jo to 'tune in' to you
  • Spend 10 minutes before the session in contemplation
  • 30 or 60 minutes on the Zoom call
  • Spend 10 minutes after the session to journal your thoughts and intentions
  • You'll receive a recording of the session to come back to as many times as you wish


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